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American Pharoah Goes Out In Style with Grand Slam!

American Pharoh Breeders Cup Classic Winner 2015


This horse Saturday concluded not only a career that took The Triple Crown in 2015 like a grand prize-fighter but won the prestigious Breeder’s Cup Classic in the finest fashion of any icing on a cake.

American Pharoah and that icing absolutely glowed.

It had this race tracker crying tears of pure joy. It’s what all in our industry lives for and this champion gave this sport of Thoroughbred Racing his all. He charged down that stretch like a warrior not to be denied taking with him his fans hearts. Everybody there, watching from another race track or in our living rooms felt like we were running the strides along with him.

Me I pray before a race, just come back safe, God let them all come back safe. As Pharoah made the far turn then began to open up I started yelling, open up, stay safe, open up, don’t take any bad steps. Man it was exhausting! LOL

Like Bob Baffert had said this one you wanted for the horse because he earned and deserved to go out with one more final victory. I hope to God that AP realizes how much joy he has brought to all of us, I believe he does because it was from God that this gift came to us.

The Class and Cream of the Crop.


American Pharoh Breeders Cup Winner 2015


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Hazel Park Raceway Co-Owner Herbert Tyner Dies.


With the death of Tyner what does the future hold for this race track. Hartman & Tyner not only own countless real estate holdings in apartments etc.. along with two Dog/Racino tracks in W.V. & Fl. the only venue losing money is Hazel Park.

Will the family of Tyner hang onto all of dealings as a package or eliminate any not making a profit?

I wrote on all the dirty dealings of Hartmen and Tyner in this BLOG in the W.V & Fl. Racino’s detailing it down to the bone.


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Jockey TD Houghton Returns Like A Warrior, Wins First Race Back At Hazel Park.

Terry Houghton first Mount Back

Picture courtesy of Dave Mersey (click onto twice for full resolution).

From leg up aboard Unbridled Isabel the number 1 of the second race Terry was all business. Cheers from not only me but everyone around the paddock his only focus was totally on the race at hand and who would expect anything different from this professional.

It was one excited crowd that showed up Friday night to see this native hometown jockey of Hazel Park return to the sport of thoroughbred racing. I think even more so for those of us who have worked this industry as well for we know, once horses are in your blood they never leave.

And that’s a good thing. It’s a passion for life and TD wasted no time as he brought his horse across the wire for the win, his first race back. Thousands yelled him home then tears welled up in our eyes so happy for him.

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This is why Michigan is failing in so many realms. They have soooooo much money they don’t need NOTHING. Do You Michigan?

Dirty Damn Shame.

Pinnacle track thundering toward finish

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KY Commission Approves Form of Instant Racing Supported by Kentucky’s Governor. AGAIN MICHIGAN IS ANYBODY LISTENING?

KY Commission Approves Form of Instant Racing

Supported by Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear

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Indiana Downs Sets Handle Record. ANYBODY LISTENING MICHIGAN?


The Indiana Downs meet went out with a bang July 14 with a new total handle record for one program.

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Saturday’s HBPA meeting seemed to be focused on one thing and one thing only. Are we going to finish our 44 days?  

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Michigan Millions of Dollars Throw Away. HORSE RACING.

From the HBPA Website   



This is what Michigan wants to throw away. MUCH NEEDED REVENUE. Well if Michigan doesn’t want it and since Horse Racing generates it. Why are the Thoroughbred Horsemen having to BUY BACK DATES WITH OUR PURSES?   

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Pinnacle Race Course First Live Race Day Ends With a Bang

Thunder, Lightening & Tornado warning wise!

Pinnacle had a great opening day crowd wise. Almost every spot of the parking lot was full. There’s just something about LIVE racing that sparks enthusiasm, even with the dire situation of Horse Racing in the State of Michigan still in panic mode.

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1948 at Detroit Fairgrounds.



Too much heritage to let go of in the State of Michigan. Don’t you agree?





The Start of a Race at The Detroit Fairgrounds, Dated July 13, 1948. ( Original Press Photo )

To be continued……

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Reminiscing/ Detroit Race Course


DRC last race ever Chart Nov. 8 1998


Believe me the MAIN picture had a 100 people jammed into that Winner Circle. This was just an after picture. And this one above may disappear.

The Detroit Race Course (DRC) opens in 1950 and Livonia Township becomes the city of Livonia to qualify for revenue from the new track.

In 1998 Livonia voted to Destroy DRC. The track that made them a city.

And in 1998 the Distribution of Pari-Mutual Wagering Revenues to Livonia received from DRC was:

Rebate: $694,969.92

Expenditures: $482,103.68

Page 13

I wonder what they made off Meijers in 1999?

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