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Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “Love’s Lines, Angles and Rhymes” ~ The 5th Dimension

The 5th Dimension 1971

This was the 6th album in 4 years for this gigantic vocalizing quintet. And yes the group of session musicians is the same crew that created Phil Spector’s Wall of sound and my God what a sound.

The arrangement of this song was about as precise as they came. Marilyn McCoo’s vocals flowing in and out of the chord changes made it an exciting tantalizing exotica. Turning this piece into part Pop, Soul, Blues and all of its harmonies from the rest of the group blending to a mix of pure perfection.

1971 itself showed many sides of the musical spectrum still letting us forage on the 60s but serving up new flavors we hadn’t yet experienced. The 5th Dimension grew, provided and closed some of the wide gap between generations. Their music soothing and savored by both.

How sweet of a time it was, like desert for all.

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