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Ben E. King…. I Count The Tears. In Memory 1938-2015

The Drifters_Ben. E. King


What memories of not only my youth but straight into adulthood as Ben E. King’s vocal talent and music will always stand the test of time.

For that’s how good the songs were all made coming from that golden era of our baby boomer age.

Benjamin Earl King left us yesterday at the age of 76 and although his stint with The Drifters was not that long, what an impact he made.

I guess some would say why not have his signature song playing “Stand By Me”, I’d reply because I had to take it back a little bit further of my first memories of hearing him. “I Count The Tears” just happened to be my very fav. from his time with The Drifters, although everything he sang with them and as a solo artist as far as I’m concerned are all gems.

Clyde McPhatter, Rudy Lewis and Johnny Moore before and after him also made the groups songs absolute classics. I have fav.’s from them as well.

But with the release of the movie of the same name in 1986 Stand By Me reignited and turned on another and will for future generations to come.

In 2015, King’s original version written by written by King, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller (inspired from Lord Stand by Me with Psalms 46:2–3) was inducted into the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress and very well deserved. Why The Drifters didn’t want the song still mystifies me.

#1 when it was released as King’s solo in 61′, it managed to no surprise chart again in 86′ to #9. How’s that for longevity.

“Save The Last Dance” earned him a Grammy Hall of Fame Award.

That is a statement in itself for the vocalization talent of Ben E. King and the song in whole. Yesterday we lost another legend of the top of the R&B and Pop class. He will be remembered always and bring us back to moments from the years of those songs.

One thing that can never ever die, Music.

The bodies of those that made it may leave but the Soul forever remains with us and God.

Thank You Ben.


Ben E. King

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Timeless As The Legend Who Sang It. Mr. Percy Sledge 1940-2015.

Percy Sledge


“When A Man Loves A Women”

This song has gone down in history as one of the most classic love soul ballads of all time. Something they just do not create anymore.

He left us yesterday April 14th but only in body for his voice and this song will reign Forever.

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Saturday “Slow Down (But Don’t Stop)” ~ Benny Latimore

I have been waiting forever for somebody to finally post this song on You Tube.

Outside of Latimore’s 74′ release of “Lets Straighten It Out” nothing in my mind ever came close again until this one. From the 1988 album of the same name the song was the ultimate getting things heated up number. Reminds me of a lot of good times partying with friends around the time of its release. Another great one from the album was “All You’ll Ever Need”.

Latimore had a different tone than traditional Blues. He was a master at combing it with pure raw R&B ballads and all done more than tastefully. To me he was the one who finally put the “Soul” back in the 80s that had been missing since the 60s.

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Wednesday When It Was Music ~ “Stay With Me” ~ Lorraine Ellison

Released in 1966 as a single and from her first album “Heart And Soul”. aka “Stay With Me (baby).

Yes Janis covered it and yes we know Bette Midler did the song in “The Rose” but there is no rendition that can touch who originally recorded it. The absolute utter passion that poured out of Lorraine Ellison’s soul into those who listened to it.

This was one of those songs that wailed the feeling convincingly and did it drained with every ounce of emotion and word sung. She wasn’t just singing another set of lyrics written, she dissected every single feeling the words of the song expressed. It’s presentation had you crying with her as she pleaded their defining meanings.

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Sunday Smooth Soul’ ~ “Stay In My Corner” ~ The Dells

Outside of Detroit’s own Levi Stubbs of The Four Tops, Marvin Junior’s almost as smooth baritone vocals made this 1965 release soothing to everybody’s soul. His 17 second note holding on the one word “BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBY” made both females cringe and had the males in awe. The 65′ release of this record hit #3 on the R&B Hot Black Singles chart, its re-release in 1968 hit #10 on billboard 100.

The song defined passion and definitely defined “Soul”.

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Sunday one more ” SOUL ” Entered Heaven. Solomon Burke ~

All the younger people know is this was the song that Baby and Johnny seductively danced to in his room in Dirty Dancing.

The voice behind the recording us older folks knew all to well.

Solmon Burke had a life time of Music behind him, way too many to even count. His journey on this earth left us Sunday Oct. 10th.

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Do you like good MUSIC, Yeah Yeah… That Sweet Soul Music…..?

Give this generation a little taste of what REAL MUSIC is all about. You want to know why you RAP
It is because you cannot actually SING. These artists could. They are and always will be the REAL DEAL.
Pay ATTENTION, you may learn something called ACTUAL MUSIC.

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