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Sunday Sleep In ~ “For All We Know” ~ Chet Baker

Totally complicated, totally magical man.

Chet did this last concert in Tokyo just before he died. He seem to be able to put himself together as if it was his last chance to grasp the spotlight he once had so brightly.

In a way I guess it was.

Strange because what had held him down for so long finally ended this tortured yet beyond talented soul. He needed something that for us his music doctored…our stress.

The words in this song rang so true sadly for Chet.

“So love me tonight tomorrow was made for some
Tomorrow may never come for all we know”…

…But we can’t forget him and our love affair continues.

So many people covered this song but none could do it as tenderly as a Chet Baker. That is who he was and why we still want to hear him…


Chet Baker_talent aged like fine wine

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