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Sunday Stellar ~ “Calling Card” ~ Rory Gallagher

You’ll have to find the very first blog I ever posted here on Rory, because I just cannot add to what’s already been said. He will always be among my top five favorite guitarists. And it still mystifies me and consider it a total sin that this man is not apart of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. What in the hell are they listening to from the past?

Problem in itself, listening but not really HEARING.

And there is a very distinctive difference.

This performance was from an album released in 1999 by his brother Donal.

BBC Sessions 1971-1986.

He was elite when he started apart of “Taste” in the late 60s and he never ever faltered up to his death in 1995. Sometimes I think from all the Blues players of my generation, Rory was truly the most passionate. He felt what he played and how any hall of fame could ignore and leave him out?

Yes, The Blues Comes Calling with his Calling Card.

In 2012 he is still so much missed by his fans.


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