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Saturday Psychedelics ~ “World” ~ Felt

This Alabama band of all teens sadly only recorded one self entitled album in 1970 (released in 71′). Consisting of Myke Jackson, Mike Neel, Stan Lee, Tommy Gilstrap & Allan Dalrymple were unable to find a label in their neck of the woods who recorded their kind of music. A small label (Nashboro/Nasco) who up to that point had only recorded country/bluegrass & gospel gave them a shot. A couple of months after the recording their 17-year old lead singer Myke Jackson was busted with an ounce of pot and got sent off to reform school for 6 months, thus the band broke apart.

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Through Thursday ~ “I Talk To The Wind” ~ King Crimson

King Crimson 1969

It makes more sense.

What an incredibly gifted band. We had many poets in the 1960s that spoke their souls. They didn’t have to lure us, we went in willing.

This first album was epic.


In The Court of the Crimson King 69'

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Friday At The Fillmore ~ And It Stoned Me/These Dreams Of You ~ Van Morrison

“Moonlight Serenade” Recorded on April 26, 1970 at the Fillmore West.

Written by Van Morrison
Songs originally off the 1969 “Moondance” album.

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Friday At The Fillmore ~ Dark Star ~ Grateful Dead

Written by Robert Hunter – Lyrics and Composed by Jerry Garcia

Recorded on Feb. 27, 1969 Fillmore West

Jerry Garcia – guitar, vocals
Bob Weir – guitar, vocals
Tom Constanten – keyboards
Ron “Pigpen” McKernan – keyboards, vocals, harmonica, percussion
Phil Lesh – bass guitar, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann – drums
Mickey Hart – drums

Dark Star was originally released as a 2:40 single in 1968. On the other hand doing it live it seemed their devouted fans couldn’t get enough of it. Thus all of the members received composition credits. Both Live/Dead released in 1969 & Fillmore West 1969: The Complete Recordings (released in 2005) featured the same version of the song.

It masters their early work of pioneering psychedelic rockers but also blending into the mix jazz and total musical improvisation. At times you didn’t know where it started, was going or if or how it was to end. Nevertheless it seem to come out as a flawless blend of bliss.

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Your 2012 “Ides Of March”

The Republican Presidential nominees.

Instead of stabbing at Julius Caesar what is left of the nobodies in this race are left to stab at each other. The I’ll bet you $10 thousand dollar man while normal Americans take pay cut after pay cut after pay cut to have anything left remotely called a job for any pay attempt on a daily basis just to survive, then there’s one candidate who just laughs.

He is going to represent the average American?

I wouldn’t bet on it.

Then there’s the clown who for the moment is riding the up escalator while at the same time his Republican constituents are cringing, remembering that he was the only house speaker in the 208-year history in 1997 that was disciplined for ethical wrongdoing and ordered him to pay an unprecedented $300,000 penalty. Hell most don’t even want to speak on camera for fear he’ll be the nominee, win then take revenge.

World News on ABC Sunday, December 11, correspondent David Kerley complete transcript:

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Monday Moanin’ ~ Forty Thousand Headmen ~ Traffic

Released in 1968 ~ Written by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi 

Were you Dreaming last Night or Not?

40,000 Headmen might explain it?

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