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The 2012 Republicans Are So F’D!



First Casualty…Her Tea Party mixed too many hallucinogenics in their tea, THEN THEY FINALLY CAME DOWN. LOL

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Your 2012 “Ides Of March”

The Republican Presidential nominees.

Instead of stabbing at Julius Caesar what is left of the nobodies in this race are left to stab at each other. The I’ll bet you $10 thousand dollar man while normal Americans take pay cut after pay cut after pay cut to have anything left remotely called a job for any pay attempt on a daily basis just to survive, then there’s one candidate who just laughs.

He is going to represent the average American?

I wouldn’t bet on it.

Then there’s the clown who for the moment is riding the up escalator while at the same time his Republican constituents are cringing, remembering that he was the only house speaker in the 208-year history in 1997 that was disciplined for ethical wrongdoing and ordered him to pay an unprecedented $300,000 penalty. Hell most don’t even want to speak on camera for fear he’ll be the nominee, win then take revenge.

World News on ABC Sunday, December 11, correspondent David Kerley complete transcript:

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