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Friday 4 Way Street CSNY Memorial Day Weekend ~ Honor Our Fallon Soldiers

Recorded at The Fillmore East – New York – June 2–June 7 1970
The Chicago Auditorium – Chicago – July 5, 1970
The Forum – Los Angeles – June 26–June 28, 1970.

Released April 7, 1971

1971 Billboard 200 Pop Albums #1

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young wrote the soundtrack to my adolescence, the compositions are prolific and timeless examples of the 1960s.

Nam, Ideals, Heartbreak, Protests, Change, Innocence, Revolt, Disappointments and Carrying On.

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Memorial Day is not for Celebration….. It is a time for Remembrance

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To the memories of all who gave their service throughout this country’s history. You can’t be Thanked enough. My Dad served and fought as most of his generation did in WWII. He died on June 21, 2001. He served in the Navy on a Battle Wagon. USS TENNESSEE BB43 1943-47. This picture was taking with not only my Dad aboard but with so many Dads.

Guam July 1944

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