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Mickey Rooney… An Era Of Legendary Hollywood Has Died.

Mickey Rooney_Mickey & Judy


Lord, what can you not say about this man and actor.

I have been watching him all my life, my mom all of her life. Generation after generation after generation.

Of course I’ll always have forever etched in my mind all those Andy Hardy movies he made with Judy Garland, but there’s one in particular I have never forgotten.

A Human Comedy.

I first watched this movie when I was about 6 years-old and remember crying at the scene in-which he reads a letter from his brother. At almost 57 I still remember Homer Macauley. To this day I still believe it was Rooney’s best performance ever at a young 22.

I can’t count all the movies he made in an era when an actor signed to a studio pumped out 7, 8 movies a year. All I know is with his passing you feel as if a part of your family has left.

All the words apply, Icon, Legend in reality with the acting, dancing & singing abilities Mickey Rooney was a Monument of Entertainment.

He has left this world with enough of it on film and television there would be always something on to watch. Something that a thousand cable channels can’t seem to provide. Just goes to show you what classics are all about and class acts. Mickey was on the top of the list.

93+ years of life God graced us with of this man and after God welcomed to Heaven I’m sure Judy was standing there waiting. What a grand reunion that must be taking place right now. There always smiling in one place and tears left behind, yet still these stars always remain with us forever.

There’s only one channel I need, Turner Classic Movies. It’s where they keep our happiest memories for us and put them on display.

Hollywood lost its biggest star, a Hollywood Golden Era very much missed.


Mickey Rooney

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Dick Clark… So Long Friend 1927-2012

That is what this Iconic Legend was to all of us. Not only to my baby boomer generation but the ones that followed. So many entertainers owe their careers to Dick Clark and what he did for Rock and Roll and its image, forever changing my parents generation minds on the artists who played it and their kids who fell in love with it.

I’ve got to admit there are not a lot of entertainers I’ve actually shed tears hearing upon their deaths. I have felt deeply saddened but just a few had me literally crying. Dean Martin who I adored was one on them, Johnny Carson was another and Wednesday hearing that Dick Clark had died and watching the footage from the earliest shows of American Bandstand made many of tears flow throughout the day and night.

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