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Ted Cruz’s Demented Ideology.

How Contradictory and Hypocritical Can You Get?


Ted Cruz Lunacy


Yes the right-wing nut job Republicans can honestly tell people that they are against abortion because they are so “Right To Life” but all in the same breath proclaim they want to end health insurance for millions who just obtained it.

So in reality those who had pre-existing conditions can go back to not being able to get insurance.

Outcome: They grow sicker until DEAD.

How anybody can justify this way of thought process and function I will never comprehend.

Ted Cruz shut the government down, rambled on for 21 hours until further derangement about green ham and eggs and was among 47 senators who proceeded to stop any progress of our president’s agenda attempting to stop Iran’s nuclear program by writing a letter to them stating No Deal.

Canadian born.

No to abortion – right to life.
No to health insurance – right to death.

Cut social security, put back big tax breaks for the richest.

Yes, vote for Hypocrite Insanity.

Right To Life my ass.


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Pat Robertson says Haiti paying for ‘pact to the devil’




God help us all from this twisted man.

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