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Wednesday When It Was Music ~ ~ “Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore” ~ Ruby & The Romantics

Ruby and The Romantics

The music business referred this group as one hit wonders when they were anything but. Their first song was their biggest hit at #1 “Our Day Will Come” but it shouldn’t have ended there.

My Summer Love” had reached #16 on the Hot 100 their third release, the original version of “Hey There Lonely Boy” went to #27.

Songs like Baby Come Home, When You’re Young and in Love, By The Way and certainly this 1965 release of the one you are hearing should have topped the charts.

Nash had a beautiful voice and the group sounded beyond good enough to have stayed on the top. In reality Allen Stanton of the label they were signed to Knap didn’t even want them to record “Our Day Will Come” and later cut another fabulous song Moonlight and Music out of an album. So you tell me.

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