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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Sweet Thing” ~ Tomasz Stańko Quartet.



Tomasz Stańko has been playing since the early 60’s in his native land of Poland. He has produced numerous albums since the 70’s as leader and finally got world recognition in the 80’s when he started working with American jazz musicians. Yet this exceptional trumpeter really didn’t get his due in his own country until the late 90’s.

His septet album went gold in 1997 and this quartet’s 2002, 2004 & 2006 albums also went gold in Poland and finally started to chart in the U.S. in 2004. In 2009 his quintet album went Platinum in Poland charting at #16 in the U.S.

Outside of those who know and follow jazz this artist’s name still sadly isn’t a stand out and it should be. Stańko’s style of free form, almost at times avant-garde and spot on improvised playing deserves to be in the rankings with jazz’s more well-known earlier notable 50’s and 60’s artists that we relished in.

This man and the musicians who have made up his bands are not playing covers, they are playing Stańko’s compositions. So please check out his website and dive into this jazz artist’s history and discover all the music that has come out of him and his bands with the latest release, because this is just a mere taste.


Tomasz Stańko Quartet

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Violet for Your Furs” ~ Marcus Belgrave.


Photo by Barbara Barefield.


We have lost so many legendary musicians recently it is completely disheartening. So this is in homage of this Detroit jazz trumpet great who just left us on May 24th and his homecoming service took place yesterday May 30th. BB King who passed on May 14th funeral also took place yesterday. Marcus had played on BB’s 1999 album, “Let The Good Times Roll”.

Marcus Belgrave was known throughout the world, he was and played among the elite of jazz and of all entertainment.

Ray Charles touring band in late 50’s, Max Roach, Eric Dolphy, Ella Fitzgerald, Charles Mingus, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr., Dizzy Gillespie and this is only a mere few.

As Clifford Brown was his mentor, he became one himself to so many more for a future generation of players. Regina Carter, Robert Hurst, Kenny Garrett, Geri Allen, James Carter, Ray Parker Jr. along with the two women you see here playing with him. Again the list goes on.

This man and his talent will be very missed and forever remembered as his music will always play on.


Marcus Belgrave 2007 Detroit Jazz Festival

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Among My Souvenirs” ~ Clark Terry.



What an absolutely appropriate song title for this legend of a trumpet player and fluglehorn pioneer who just died last month on Feb. 21 at the age of 94.

Of course my first taste of Mr. Terry came watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and the infamous segment of Stump The Band. It would be Clark who most of the time made up a song that a member of the audience would come up with.

He was one of the very first black musicians to be part of a staff holding a position on a TV network (NBC-TV’s in-house corps of musicians). Started playing with “Tonight Show” band, in 1962 when Johnny Carson took over. But when the show left New York for California in 72′ Terry stayed in NY, though he would appear many many times more throughout the following years.

This man did it all. Playing in both The Duke Ellington and Count Basie Orchestra’s in the 40’s & 50’s and played with and among every elite jazz player along the way. He put together 17 piece big bands and traveled the world. Led his own bands from 1959 until 2005 also became a Jazz educator. Clark Terry did it with grace, style and class.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “Pour une Femme” ~ Paolo Fresu Quintet.

Paolo Fresu_young


This beautiful ballad written by Italian native Paolo Fresu appears on two of his albums, “Qvarto” released in 1988 and “Night on the City” in 1995.

He has been playing for 30 years, based in Sardinia where he was born, Bologna & Paris he has over 300 recordings as well having written music for films, documentaries and theater.

This international artist has played throughout the world along with and amongst the biggest names of American music as well. If you didn’t know of him it’s about time you did. I lost count of the albums he has produced as leader and a part of since the early 80’s straight through this last year with many more works in progress.

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “No Love Without Tears” ~ Duško Gojković.

Another beautiful composition by this Serbian trumpeter & flugelhorn player who’s been around forever, sadly just not a household name it would seem here. What a shame.

This gem was released in 1995 off his album, Bebop City.


Duško Gojković

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Sunday Sleep In ~ “But Beautiful” ~ Don Sleet Quintet

What is wrong with this picture, the title of this song cannot even define this obscure trumpeter enough. But look at the rest of the players on this album.

Jimmy Heath on tenor sax, Wynton Kelly on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums.

All major known jazz artists except Don Sleet.

At the moment I have no hearing impairment but this guy wasn’t just good, he was great. So what happened?

One album is all he got. “All Members” Released in 1961.

What a damn shame to just sweep this jazz great’s tone under the rug, never ever gaining the recognition he deserved.

I encourage you to look at the entire album, one composition Sleet’s own “Fast Company” blazed. All I can say is he more than belonged.

Sadly Sleet died at the age of just 48 from cancer in 1986.


Don Sleet_Jazz Trumpeter

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So Sexy, So Talented… Yet so Vulnerable. Chet Baker ~ Songs of the Weekend.

Man take your choice.

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