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Motown Monday ~ “Laughing Boy” ~ Mary Wells


Written by Smokey Robinson
Released in 1963

Mary had 10 consecutive #1 hits between 1962-63, this should have been number 11.

There is something about this song that puts a smile on my face but in reality every early Motown song does that. A classic period and a classy singer who started off the very long ride Motown had.

Laughing Boy also made you appreciate the Muse behind the singers with Ivory Joe Hunter’s piano, James Jamerson’s bass and the beat of William “Benny” Benjamin’s drums. Music never had it so good.

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Monday Motown ~ “Shake and Fingerpop” ~ Junior Walker and The All Stars

When people went out to dance.

Written by Autry DeWalt (Jr. Walker), Willie Woods & Lawrence Horn.
Released in 1965

Junior Walker – saxophone, lead vocals
Willie Woods – guitar, vocals
Victor Thomas – organ
James Graves – drums

Featured James Jamerson – bass

Said put on your wig, woman
Were goin’ out to shake and fingerpop!


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Motown Monday ~ The Funk Brothers

These Musicians were MOTOWN.

They alone gave the artists the Muse to make it complete for a sound that would be recognized and known around this entite world as, Motown.

Earl Van Dyke
Robert White
Joe Hunter
Johnny Griffith
Eddie Willis
Joe Messina
William “Benny” Benjamin
Richard “Pistol” Allen
Uriel Jones
The Best Bassist In The World James Jamerson
Bob Babbitt
Jack Ashford
Eddie “Bongo” Brown

Detroit, Michigan had it all and owned the sound.
It was “MOTOWN” and it was ours.

I’m proud to make The Funk Brothers my first Motown Monday of the New Year dedicated to the greatest group of musicians ensembled.

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Motown Monday ~ Marv Johnson ~ Come To Me

Written by Marv Johnson & Berry Gordy Jr.

Released in May 1959.

You are hearing the very first single that ever came out of ” Motown” released on Tamla Label. It was a Midwest hit but because the label was still a local company just starting out Gordy sold the rights of the song to United Artists so it could be distributed nationally. And it indeed become a national #30 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and # 3 on the national R&B chart by early 1960.

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A Solemn Motown Monday ~ ” What’s Going On” ~ Marvin Gaye

” I have never heard any song in my life that the words ring out so prevalent today in 2011 as the year they were written in 1971, 40 years ago “.

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Sultry Saturday ~ Jr. Walker & the All Stars ~ Cleo’s Mood

Written By Junior Walker, Harvey Fuqua and Willie Woods.
Originally Released in Sept. 1962 on the Harvey Label.

Junior Walker – Saxophone
Willie Woods – Guitar
Victor Thomas – Organ
James Graves – Drums

Re-Released on Tamla 1966

James Jamerson – Bass

Born Autry DeWalt Mixon, Jr., Walker Smoked on Sax.

Cleo’s Mood is my favorite song from this group.

It’s a raw, seductive, sultry bump and grind number. A combination of Blues & Jazz.

I only wished the song could of gone longer like 30 Minutes. But I’ll take what I can get.

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