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Dan Adkins Can Still Go To Hell

Michigan Legislators: Nothing Has Changed. This is the same damn story and the same damn dance. Dan Adkins and who he represents are trying their best to kill LIVE Thoroughbred Horse Racing in the State. Read Original Blog from almost two years ago. No wool over the T.B. Horsemen’s Eyes. We see all to clear and you should as well.

The petition he tried to put forward was bull and now trying to amend the Racing Act yet 95% of the people that patronize the Harness tracks on Sat. & Sun. afternoons are betting on the Thoroughbred Inter-State Simulcasting Signals. 70% in the evenings while live racing is actually going on at their tracks are still betting on the T.B. Signals.


Adkins wants to amend the 1995 Racing Act. That Act States that their must be a live meet running of that breed to be eligible to receive inter-state simulcasting signals of that breed.

Let us see how long the Harness tracks would stay open without the ability to have those Thoroughbred Signals. The moment those signals would disappear their doors would close for good.

Let us the Thoroughbred Horsemen/Women Introduce that.

They want the Thoroughbreds dead in the State, then let it be ALL the Thoroughbreds coming in from the other States as well. Let’s see if they can survive without the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Breed Period.

Longshot's Blog

Dan Adkins is an Imbecile.

Thinking he can attempt to swindle unknowing individuals into this so called Petition to SAVE MI. RACING. When as written the only ones who will be saved is this GROUP he’s been hired by. Bernard Hartman and Herbert Tyner. Hazel Park Raceway real estate moguls. Or rather MORONS.

Recent Articles in the Oakland Press & Royal Oak Daily Tribune & MLive.com don’t even begin to tell the real story. Dan Adkins has himself being portrayed as some Savior for Saving Horse Racing in Michigan. And he is anything but.

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