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Wednesday When It Was Music ~ Ravi Shankar 1920-2012

Ravi Shankar_Master of Sitar

From one musical spectrum to another. Brubeck and now Ravi Shankar. Both innovators and virtuoso’s at what they did. Capturing audiences complete attention always leaving them for wanting more. Heaven is richer now for both.

Shankar like Dave Brubeck introduced people to a new sound and a different way to hear music. Maybe different generation of some sorts but with the same positive results. Enter the Hippies.

It wasn’t like Ravi had just started playing when George Harrison introduced him into the global musical market. Already a star admired by millions in his own Indian culture when he just got a stronger and wider shot of it in our counter-culture just starting to happen here in the mid 60s. Then he exploded.

Sitars began to ring everywhere fused into the acid psychedelic sound our parents hated for they just knew hearing this strange sound that we must have all been on drugs! But on the contrary.

Like the people who took to jazz after hearing greatness being created in different time measures, our generation sat equally as mesmerized watching a man play this instrument and when a song was finished we knew we had just witnessed a bliss of magic never ever performed exactly like this. Man Oh Man…isn’t music great.

It’s a universal language that brings joy and smiles upon the faces of the masses just for hearing it. Maybe that’s why God left them with us for so long. It was his gift to us.

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