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Wednesday When It Was Music ~ “Hello Stranger” ~ Barbara Lewis

I was 6 when this song came out in 63′, seems like yesterday.

Barbara Lewis born in Salem, Mi. wrote every single song on her debut album with Hello Stranger that shot to #3 on Billboard 100 and #1 on R&B for two weeks.

She should have been bigger with the voice she had, songs didn’t seem to be flying at her like the other Atlantic label singers. They were reluctant to even release this instant hit. Ollie McLaughlin a small time Ann Arbor DJ produced Hello Stranger had gotten The Dells to back Lewis’s lead vocals. It was recorded at Chess Records but they needed Atlantic to get it released nationally.

Then in 65′ Bert Berns produced back to back hits for her within 3 months of each other “Baby I’m Yours” (June) and “Make Me Your Baby” (Sept.) both going to #11 on Billboard and then sadly she would never again have a major hit.

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