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WXYZ Detroit Full Of Holes Reporting Concerning Pinnacle Race Course.


This station has been on some rampage concerning executive director Robert Ficano for months now. Last week on July 27th Mary Conway’s entire story was how Bob Ficano threw away $35 Million on Pinnacle Race Course.

I addressed that unfair attack in a blog.

And all I’m addressing is stories they are doing on Pinnacle and nothing else. But again on Wednesday’s 6:00PM news cast they managed to again drag Pinnacle into another one of their stories over the hiring of another Wayne County official for the airport. Video in the backdrop of Pinnacle with our horsemen and horses.

Heather Catallo did this story.

How in the hell do you take a story about an individual you don’t feel has the experience for the position they’ve been hired to do at the airport and somehow within that story bring up the race track again.

Same rant on both of these stories within 10 days of each other. Pinnacle failed to produce the number of jobs expected.

Look WXYZ if you want the heads of Ficano and any other appointee for a position within Wayne County that’s one thing, but if you want to start talking a bunch of untrue bunk about Pinnacle’s failure to do this or that. Then damn it let’s talk about why Pinnacle was unable to fulfill these job expectations fairly and with truth.

You want to talk Horse Racing Industry let’s get down to it.

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