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Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ “Today” ~ Jefferson Airplane.

God I still get chills hearing this fantastically beautiful song. Marty Balin’s vocals cut straight through your heart, the instrumentation almost haunting.

Frank Sinatra said he thought “Something” was the best love song ever written, truth be told if “Today” had gotten the airplay it deserved from its 67′ release I think the Marty Balin & Paul Kanter composition might have been reconsidered. To me it had more passion and the harmonies priceless.

This song along with Balin’s “Comin’ Back to Me” were Airplane’s most hidden gems and so over-shadowed by White Rabbit & Somebody To Love off the same album. They were so underplayed it was a crying shame.

Yes the more psychedelic acid rock ones struck their chords amidst the trips, but you can’t deny that these softer also psychedelic in nature speaking of love didn’t take their rightful place.

Marty sung it with such feeling and expression, how could it not.

“I’m so full of love I could burst apart and start to cry.”

1967 “Summer of Love”, you betcha.


Marty Balin

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Saturday Psychedelics ~ “Pretty As You Feel” ~ Jefferson Airplane

This is my ultimate and only favorite song from JA post Marty Balin.

All I can say is grab some headphones for this one. It’s like taking a trip without any drug, more satisfying as well. In one respect it’s like the song together is also in parts if that makes any sense. Between Joey Covington & Grace Slick’s opening eerie vocals, the magic of the guitars being played on this track by Carlos Santana, Paul Kantner & Jorma Kaukonen or the debut of Papa John Creach violin riffs as if they were talking to each other. The combination made this whole song a psychedelic bliss.

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