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Michigan Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association Have Lost Their Minds.

In 2010 the HBPA voted to give all their money to Pinnacle Race Course. Almost a Million dollars to fund their own meet. I know Jerry and Lisa Campbell were happy about that vote.

To finish their extremely long meet of 41 ( they had to buy back 39 days after the MGCB knocked the Thoroughbreds to just 3 ) days the money literally came from their purses. Hell they even forked out $33,000 to pay Pinnacle’s water bill to Huron Township.

Then they questioned the legalities of it all.

Well now in 2011 after Jerry Campbell not willing to tell anybody of his intentions for 2011 when it was already May. One of the MIHBPA board members had a brilliant idea!!!

Lets send off a letter to the MGCB withdrawing our support of PRC. They never ever had to give one of support so why they decided to send one withdrawing support is beyond me. Nevertheless it resulted in the MGCB telling Campbell either shit or get off the pot.

He got off the pot alright and after wiping his ass with his conditional license he threw it back into the MGCB’s face and in essence the MIHBPA’s as well.

Enter Brilliant Idea Number 2!!!

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