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Sunday Evening ~ “Down In Mississippi” ~ Ry Cooder & The Moula Banda Rhythm Aces (Featuring) Terry Evans

Filmed and recorded at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA on March 25, 1987.

When Cooder got this ensemble together it was more heavenly made and magical. The harmonies of Bobby King, Terry Evans, Arnold McCuller & Willie Green Jr. enhanced more than just the music. Terry Evans on this song brought it all the way down to where the Blues had originated. The Soul…and it poured out of him and the rest that night up on the stage and moved the emotions of every single individual in the audience not just listening but actually hearing and feeling it.

And that in itself defines what the Blues is all about. Pure raw emotion expressed from the heart and Evans sang it convictionally.

The man who wrote the song J. B. Lenoir was born in Mississippi in 1929 and the lyrics were inspired by Civil Rights and the Free Speech movements. He died in 1967 after suffering a heart attack associated from a car accident three weeks earlier.

No doubt he was smiling from up above from the performance Terry Evans who gave it more than his all singing Lenoir’s work that night.

And Cooder is a genius who has always played with genuine originality, another guitarist that will go into the history books as being among the best.


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