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Mitt Romney Is A Liar. No It Was Not The Same What President Obama Did On Auto Industry. He SAVED THE JOBS.

No President Obama Did Not Just Let Us Go Bankrupt, he Aided Us So We Kept The Jobs And Now Have Added Even More. The Industry Survived, The Jobs Survived And We Have President Obama To Thank For It. Mitt Romney Said LET THE AUTO INDUSTRY DIE. Period.

You Decide AMERICA.

I attempted to re-blog Mitt Romney Said F’ The Big 3 and Let Detroit And The State Die! But Now He Wants Your Vote Michigan. But WordPress picked the autoplay video as the Caption instead of the intro words applied.

Romney trying to sugar coat all this. All these jobs??? More than a Million of them? He said let them all go down the drain, yet he bases his run for Presidency on the Economy. He was against and said NO to the Auto Industry’s Bailout. It was good enough for Wall Street but not WORK STREET.

And because of it Michigan and Ohio Survived.

Preview to his Presidency if Elected.

Unless you’re a Banker or Rich I Mitt Romney will promise to KILL YOU OFF.

Then he has the audacity to actually state in this latest debate that President Obama did the same as he was suggesting. REALLY?

Every General Motors & Chrysler job would have been lost without some assistance while they went through Chapter 11. The only very distinctive difference is JOBS didn’t go down because President Obama made sure that Work Street got the same break as Wall Street.

Mitt Romney said FUCK US.

And he’s running promising MORE JOBS when he in essence was against any help at all to keep all of the US Auto Industry’s. Give me a F’N Break Here.

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Well now he wants all of AMERICA’S VOTE. Does this LIAR DESERVE IT?

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Mitt Romney Said F’ The Big 3 and Let Detroit And The State Die! But Now He Wants Your Vote Michigan.

Enough to make you PUKE.

His demented ad playing over and over again.

As I see Detroit and what it has become??? I know I can turn things around. WTF?

Wonder how bad it would have really looked by now if President Obama hadn’t thought the core of the US Auto Industry was as worthy of some help as Bush thought of bailing out WALL STREET?

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