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Selflessness and then there is Selfishness

It won’t be hard to distinguish the two.

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Tears In Heaven ~ Christina Taylor Green

Born September 11, 2001

Her Dad: “She came in on a tragedy and she left on a tragedy.”

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Bullseye! Right Sarah Palin & Jesse Kelly. One Down in Arizona Massacre 19 to Go.

Only it wasn’t just one down. It was 18 with 6 dead including a 9 year-old little girl.

Palin put this Gun Sight On Democrat “Target” Map on her Facebook page. Don’t Retreat, Instead RE-LOAD!

By Saturday afternoon it had been removed. WHY?

Why not leave it there you sick demented S.O.B.? I mean after all the very viable candidate that your followers seem to think you are for the Presidency of our country for 2012 love you. They didn’t mind it there before Saturday’s Massacre that left 18 shot and 6 dead including a 9-year old little girl who had been elected to her School’s Council. No doubt she had more intelligence, more common sense and more of a heart than Sarah Palin or Jesse Kelly will ever have.

 Christina Taylor Green

And as you can see Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona is the fourth name on the list of this Hideous Map.

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