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Sunday Eve Sermon ~ “Brothers Keeper” ~ Walter Trout Band.

This master blues guitarist will be back on tour starting in June after almost losing his life. Trout underwent a liver transplant in Sept. 2014 and a post-transplant surgery biopsy ended up giving him a very serious sepsis infection.

Thank God now he is doing well although a dramatic weight loss. Wish Detroit was on the tour list but the closest is Chicago in Aug.
He kicks it off June 15 at Royal Albert Hall, London UK then the USA through Sept. and on to Europe.

Whole tour list here.

Welcome back Walter, what a career you’ve had and hopefully will continue to have for another couple of decades.


Walter Trout

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Sacrificing the Lamb only no sin has been committed other than by the Republican Party.

Halting the Bush tax breaks for 2% of the Richest Americans could have balanced the budget.

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