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Southern Tornado’s ~ There are no words to speak…across the South.

That could describe such a helpless feeling that you’re left with after watching something this devastating.

I was absolutely astonished of the size of that Tuscaloosa, AL tornado as I watched the video of it. And how my heart sank knowing how many lives would be lost and torn apart from such devastation. And it should make everyone stop for at least a moment and realize how precious life really is and how it can be taken in just one moment.

I can only express my sadness for all whose lives were affected by these tornado’s that ripped a path of destruction through the entire south.

May God Speed.



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Oaklawn Park Increases Purses for the third time this year. But then Arkansas Gave Oaklawn Further Gaming in 2006 making this Race Track a RACINO.

Oaklawn Boosts Purses for Third Time


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This World is falling apart. Lord I think I’m on my way.

From torrential rains in California across the globe to Australia resulting in mudslides, floods, to blizzards burying the east, tornadoes ripping through the Midwest and South, England coming to a halt also from snow and now ice paralyzing China.

To thousands of birds dropping out of the skies of Arkansas to their deaths and along with them fish? My Lord this is becoming a living nightmare stuck in a real life episode of the Twilight Zone.

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