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Wednesday What In World! Married Cheating Detroit Police Woman Cries…My Boyfriend The Cheif Of Police Is Cheating On Me And I’m Suing!!!

Lord Have Mercy…. 


One question Angelica Robinson, IS YOU CRAZY?


And what does she say in interviews with local Detroit news media, I’m going to work on my MARRIAGE. And Ralph Godbee just ain’t no good.

And she is?

And Mayor Cuckoo Suspends him. Well only befitting since Dave Bing has Fired Everybody In Detroit. Striking Union Water Workers, Other Union Workers, making police work 12 hour shifts.

Former Mayor, his Dad, his Friend & another on Trial.

The Whole City Of Detroit Is A MESS.


An Escape From The MADNESS.

I mean come on… can’t these people keep their business to themselves. Is this woman a 11-year-old? She’s an Internal Affairs Cop for God sake.

You’re cheating on YOUR husband and your crying that your lover is cheating on you. Then Tweet, Tweet, Tweet… Are You For Real? GROW THE F’ UP LADY and just deal with it.

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