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All-American Muslim? Living on Welfare. The Real Reality Show of Dearborn/Detroit.

So a new reality series hit the air waves on Monday on the TLC network about five Arabic families of Dearborn, Mi. and NPR’s Linda Holmes stated “This is reality TV at its best”.

At its best? How about is it HONEST?

First of all I do not care about anybodies religion, worship whom and where you want. This blog is about TRUTH and the Real Reality of the Arabic community that has flocked to America and this metro/Detroit area since 9-11. And what enables them to live and what system they are living off of.

Reality: 90% of the people who have came here since 9-11 seem to be eligible for instantaneous welfare. They can’t even speak English but it would seem the very first American words they learned fast is WELFARE, FOOD STAMP CARD, MEDICAID and any other kind of AID.

This is my problem with these people not their religion.

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