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Motown Monday ~ “Black Juju” ~ Alice Cooper

This was Classic early Coop.

Off the third album “Love It To Death” released in 71′ me and my friends wore it out. I’m Eighteen became our anthem, we all seemed to live the Ballad of Dwight Fry, but this song struck an odd chord with me and became my favorite head phone trip.

I had the 8 track in early 72′ and went to sleep listening to it. It was my winter weird oasis number. I loved it.

It fit into everything that band defined. Rock and the unusual.

To me the originally line up 1968-74 will always be the Alice Cooper Band.


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Mitt Romney Said F’ The Big 3 and Let Detroit And The State Die! But Now He Wants Your Vote Michigan.

Enough to make you PUKE.

His demented ad playing over and over again.

As I see Detroit and what it has become??? I know I can turn things around. WTF?

Wonder how bad it would have really looked by now if President Obama hadn’t thought the core of the US Auto Industry was as worthy of some help as Bush thought of bailing out WALL STREET?

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