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Michael Phelps Dream Is Complete.

4 years ago I sat screaming at the TV every race he was in during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

I recognized from his first race in these he was actually human. I say that with a big compliment.

But I also knew before the London Olympics started he would be the most decorated olympian of all time. It was virtually impossible that it wouldn’t happen. And I have a feeling he’s not through at 19 medals.

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2012 Summer Olympics ~ Hats Off To London!

Thought the music and blazing light display was spectacular. Almost like watching a 1960s psychedelic kaleidoscope flashback.

Listening to the NBC anchors talk about Paul McCartney choking up at the beginning of Hey Jude, I personally not only think he was caught up in the moment of his country’s shining moment. But since that song was written about John Lennon’s first son Julian when born, I couldn’t help thinking his mind was also on his own band-mates legacy and maybe wishing all four were still here to share that particular moment together on this grand world stage.

In any event it was a fantastic beginning and only befitting that the song was chosen so the entire crowd, all the athletes and the whole world that was watching could join into the chorus.

The British have always done things with style and this opening was no exception with Sir Paul McCartney. London Shined on the opening ceremonies.

But just one gigantic mistake, Olympic Flame should of been put high enough to be viewed outside of the stadium. As in MILES AWAY………..

So it’s “Let The Games Begin”.



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