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Rock Pillar of Woodstock Joe Cocker dies.

Joe Cocker Career Montage


Another sad day when such an iconic artist that showcased the most historical concert of all time dies. Yes all of us are getting older but it still stings and stuns us when one from our own tribe, the boomer generation leaves us.

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Wednesday Woodstock 43rd Anniversary ~ Day One

Three (actually 4) Days of Peace & Music.

For the next four days I will feature some of the Artists and the Bands that played starting with Aug. 15th then 16th, 17th & 18th 1969.

My Original Woodstock 40th anniversary post is here with more in-depth pictures and video’s ( although some missing via YT).

8th song (auto-play) of a very long set for Richie Havens who they kept telling to stay on stage because Sweetwater hadn’t arrived yet. Motherless Child/Freedom became infamous at Woodstock for his energized powerful drenched in sweat ending.

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Saturday’s ” Sweetwater ” ~ In A Rainbow

Written by Alex Del Zoppo
Released in 1968 off their self entitled album and the first.

Nancy ( Nansi ) Nevins – vocals
Alex Del Zoppo – piano, and harmonica and backing vocals
Fred Herrera – bass and backing vocals
August Burns – cello
Alan Malarowitz – drums
Elpidio “Pete” Cobian – congas, percussion and backing vocals
Albert Moore – flute, Tambourine, Cowbell, backing vocals

You can tell it’s getting closer to the original Woodstock Anniversary.

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