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One Good Thing About Revenge… It Never Has An Expiration Date.

The reasons why some people on this earth do things to hurt others do so because it is in their totally demented minds that somehow they will get away with it.  They never see the ramifications of their actions. When they realize it, they flee and hide like the cowards they are.

Hide like children while some get support in doing so for even their exile also knows their failures.

Until the day comes………….

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Japan Government Way Too Slow on Fukushima Nuclear Emergency.

The United States among many other countries offered their immediate help concerning all three entities. Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Power Plant. Especially the latter. Japan’s response was they didn’t need any help. In my view that was pompous egos. Accepting help wouldn’t have meant that Japan was completely unknowledgeable of what they were doing. On the contrary Japan has had the most intelligence in this area, but have definitely made some mistakes of how they built these reactors so close together. But considering the country just got hit with the fourth biggest quake in history and a disastrous tsunami on top of that, protecting their countries citizens not their egos should have been their first priority.

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Song of the Day ~ Eve Of Destruction

Barry McGuire

Released in 1965

Written by P.F. Sloan ( Philip Gary Schlein )

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