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Japan Government Way Too Slow on Fukushima Nuclear Emergency.

The United States among many other countries offered their immediate help concerning all three entities. Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Power Plant. Especially the latter. Japan’s response was they didn’t need any help. In my view that was pompous egos. Accepting help wouldn’t have meant that Japan was completely unknowledgeable of what they were doing. On the contrary Japan has had the most intelligence in this area, but have definitely made some mistakes of how they built these reactors so close together. But considering the country just got hit with the fourth biggest quake in history and a disastrous tsunami on top of that, protecting their countries citizens not their egos should have been their first priority.

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Now 8,000 Doves fall dead from Italy’s Skies. What in the hell is really going on here?

This is all insanity. And we must get a answer to what exactly is going on. I don’t want to hear anymore bullshit from the worlds scientists because I don’t think they really don’t know either. But this to me is becoming more and more alarming everyday. When I was little looking at the National Enquirer on supermarket check out lanes would have outrageous bullshit stories. Baby born with three heads and 12 eyeballs. It was all made up crap to make a few bucks.

But these stories are real. They are not science fiction but honest to God reality and truth.

Now Italy: Now It’s Dead Doves Falling From Sky in Italy

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This World is falling apart. Lord I think I’m on my way.

From torrential rains in California across the globe to Australia resulting in mudslides, floods, to blizzards burying the east, tornadoes ripping through the Midwest and South, England coming to a halt also from snow and now ice paralyzing China.

To thousands of birds dropping out of the skies of Arkansas to their deaths and along with them fish? My Lord this is becoming a living nightmare stuck in a real life episode of the Twilight Zone.

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