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Easter Sunday. Have a Blessed and Peaceful Day.

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Live Streaming (at time of posting) of the Holy Mass of Easter Day in Rome by Pope Francis.

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Sunday Sermon ~ Mass with Pope Francis.

I cried about a third of this Mass at Madison Square Garden, his message, the music and choir so moving. At almost the end Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s words describing how much we love Pope Francis that lead to a thunderous applause and had me standing in my own living room tears flooding out of my eyes also applauding, the smile on the Pope’s face priceless. So much love out of this holy man of God.

The meeting with his Bishops upon arrival in the USA, the money the church takes in, if you don’t take care of the poor in need with it then Pay Taxes like a business!

Yet over the days I have read the venomous comments about this Pope from some evangelicals but yet he resides in a small apartment living humbly and Walking the Talk.

What what the Joel Osteen’s of the world do who live in multi-million dollar mansions, drive $100,00 vehicles and own private jets. Their message is Property, give to their mega-churches so they can live high and mighty. This is their saved.

You decide what the message of Jesus is.

Pope Francis is delivering it and may God Bless him in the name of Jesus. We love you and as you always ask at the end of every message will you please pray for me.

Yes We Will.

I only wish we can hold you over for another month to visit all of our major cities because those that got to see you have been truly Blessed. But I was at this Mass in New York, New York as much. I not only saw and heard you, I felt you.

Jesus is Love and you are love. His greatest messenger!


Pope Francis_Madison Square Garden Mass


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Bible Thumpers trying to kill livelihoods in Ohio on Race Track VLTs Proposal

Ohio Policy Group: VLT Plan Violates Law

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Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s Compassion

I will never forget Terry Schiavo nut case parents and these Right To Lifers fighting to the death of them to preserve and prolong her inhumane suffering an extra 7 years, which included President George W. Bush returning to Washington D.C. to sign legislation designed to keep her alive and suffering.

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Bullseye! Right Sarah Palin & Jesse Kelly. One Down in Arizona Massacre 19 to Go.

Only it wasn’t just one down. It was 18 with 6 dead including a 9 year-old little girl.

Palin put this Gun Sight On Democrat “Target” Map on her Facebook page. Don’t Retreat, Instead RE-LOAD!

By Saturday afternoon it had been removed. WHY?

Why not leave it there you sick demented S.O.B.? I mean after all the very viable candidate that your followers seem to think you are for the Presidency of our country for 2012 love you. They didn’t mind it there before Saturday’s Massacre that left 18 shot and 6 dead including a 9-year old little girl who had been elected to her School’s Council. No doubt she had more intelligence, more common sense and more of a heart than Sarah Palin or Jesse Kelly will ever have.

 Christina Taylor Green

And as you can see Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona is the fourth name on the list of this Hideous Map.

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This World is falling apart. Lord I think I’m on my way.

From torrential rains in California across the globe to Australia resulting in mudslides, floods, to blizzards burying the east, tornadoes ripping through the Midwest and South, England coming to a halt also from snow and now ice paralyzing China.

To thousands of birds dropping out of the skies of Arkansas to their deaths and along with them fish? My Lord this is becoming a living nightmare stuck in a real life episode of the Twilight Zone.

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Westboro Baptist Church Needs To Be Put Out Of Their Misery… Literally

Westboro Baptist Church Website

Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Elizabeth Edwards Funeral

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Sacrificing the Lamb only no sin has been committed other than by the Republican Party.

Halting the Bush tax breaks for 2% of the Richest Americans could have balanced the budget.

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Well that’s more than frightening.

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