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Bobby Kennedy Funeral Train… One Woman Spoke For Us All Without Saying One Word.

Out of all the millions that lined the route from New York to Washington. It was this one woman that epitomized what all of us felt that day. The deep deep solemn sorrow. Her crying and reaching out in pain was all of us reaching out to the loss of Bobby and his whole family.

It didn’t get any more poignant than this. She spoke for the whole nation and those throughout the world who also mourned with us.



June 8, 1968. Train passing through Baltimore, MD.





I watched every single moment of that day. From the funeral service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NY, then this entire funeral train route into Washington, then finally into Arlington National Cemetery…

It was night when they laid Bobby to rest.

I went to bed that night at 11 years old and wondered why.

Fifty years later now at 61, I’m still asking it.

It is a pain that has never healed and I don’t think it ever will.



Bobby Kennedy… The Best President We Never Had.


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“Now It’s On To Chicago And Let’s Win There” … 50 Years and Bobby Kennedy has never been so missed.

I can’t express my feelings of how I felt anymore than I did in a 2012 blog I wrote. But today 50 years to the day when this man was taken from us. It has been a more than a emotional week. It has been downright painful.

“Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.”

His wife Ethel and his children weren’t just robbed of a husband and dad, this whole country was robbed of one of the most educated, most experienced, gifted, talented politicians. We were most robbed of his compassion and for fighting for his convictions to help the most vulnerable people in society.

His fight for civil rights, the poor, his concern for the sick and the starving. A man who told his children pounding his fist on the dinner table “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are” and you must do something.

On June 5, 1968 we didn’t just lose Bobby, we lost Hope.

And it has never been the same since. My hero then, now and forever until my demise. 50 years later I still sit as stunned as I did that night… and I have not yet still gotten over it.

11 then, 61 now and I will never forget that night and the next… and the days following.

Much Love Bobby, you will never be forgotten. You are in our hearts and soul.

Now It’s On To Chicago And Let’s Win There….







































The Biggest Heart







Was Bobby Loved….. you bet.


I could post another thousand and it would never be enough.

There will never be another politician or man again in anyone’s lifetime like Bobby Kennedy.

That Hope Was Lost, the Love for him continues…..





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A Fired Roseanne Barr … I am not one of your “US” POS Trump.

He stated this praising the show, finally a show about us. And who are these US’s?

Bigots like you that want to take this country back to a time where it was OK to call blacks niggers, OK to deny them access to lunch counters or restaurants period. Like what happened to those two gentlemen that were put into handcuffs for waiting on a friend in Starbucks? When it was OK to hang, shoot and kill anyone who wasn’t pure lily white, like what was done last week when Border Patrol agent murdered a 20 year old Guatemala young woman by shooting her in the head. Then uttering at others apprehended see what happens to “YOU PEOPLE”

This POS sitting in the “WHITE” house has set the tone for these things to happen and more and more incidents since he’s been there. His so-called base now feel it is their right. A few day’s ago another stupid ignorant woman pulled up to a car and pulled her eyes back to make fun of a oriental man screaming at him “This Isn’t Your Country”. He was a Reserve Service Member.

President Obama isn’t an ape, no black member of his administration or any black human being is one.

When they shot that woman on the border, I imagined my grandparents who came here on a ship from Italy in 1909 along with many other countries immigrants. I pictured the sh[p passing the Statue of Liberty to enter Ellis Island and before they could get off the vessel being bullet riddled to death. My other Macedonian grandparents as well. No one had papers then. All came here from old country for better lives. Yes now there are laws into place, but did that 20 year old didn’t deserve a death sentence. The Border Patrol changed and altered their story, no one had two by fours, no one charged them either. But this is what Trump and others cheer. He is taking the United States of America back to the darkest hour of our history and has resurrected it.

In-fact he is encouraging it. In true KKK fashion. He talks about a Gang of Animals, I want to ask Which One? This group that took far more lives through history by the most heinous forms of torture and murder. Yeah don’t recognize that the Klu Klux Klan were the biggest bunch of savage animals. Unfit and UN-human but God knows they stood in front of a giant banner for a group shot that said “Jesus Saves”. A contradiction of twisted worship I’ve ever seen. These are not Christians. Trump thinks so as he refused to denounce them once, or his VP Judas. The USA has never been more hated and UN-trusted by the World since Jan. 2017.

President Obama had class, spoke with dignity and intelligible sentences. Yes he made mistakes, name one president who didn’t. Right now gas is over $3.00 a gallon. The economy was great in the latter years of Obama’s tenure after he pulled us out of a would be Second Depression. The summer demand was no different in 13′, 14′, 15′ and 16′ then yet prices were the lowest in decades. Now under a Republican what have we got? Excuses other than let Big Oil feed off the citizens blood to make them richer. Trump’s and Pence who have ties to them, blessings.

I am fed up, MLK and RFK were slaughtered fighting for a better life for not only those of color but for all of us who are not among the rich.

It’s time for a revolution even if that means we enter the realm of 1968 DNC Chicago. I am ready, broken down back, knees and all. I am ready for that 60’s take to the streets fight to rid this bigoted SATAN worshipers that occupy OUR White House. Rid them all for the infestation of rats they all are.

I never could stand Roseanne Barr the very first time I saw her on Johnny Carson, that irritating voice. I never watched her first show in the 90’s. And I have never had any respect for her after she Spit On The Ground and grabbed her crotch after destroying the National Anthem, something this Hypocrite in the WH holds so dear. She disrespected what it stood for far more than anyone taking a knee. But Trump Loves Her.

None of my friends who have darker skin than me are apes, animals or trash. But who ABC just fired is Trash and the man who stated A Show That’s One like Us. Bullshit.

My ancestry were immigrants and am glad of it.

You know Archie Bunker was a character on a sitcom, bigoted on everything not white, christian or straight but it was a character.

Carol O’Connor who played him was the complete opposite in real life of the character he portrayed. Same with Sherman Hemsley’s character on the same show then his own show. He hated the bigotry of his character George Jefferson.

Barr on the other hand in real life has shown how much of a bigot she really is and that’s a very distinctive difference. Her words aren’t that of a comedienne, it’s words of hate and she means them. It is who she is. Period. I don’t agree with the NFL players who don’t stand for the NA, but at least they didn’t spit on the ground and grab their crotch’s as Barr did. That was inexcusable and talk about Disrespect of the Flag.

I Am Not One Of Your “US” Mr. POS. This woman didn’t represent us, it represented you and your mentally confused and unfit followers.

Thank You Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger and ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey for cancelling out hatred.

Enough is Enough.

The cast denounced Barr’s blatant derogatory words. Emma Kenney called her manager to quit, Sara Gilbert ripped her with disgust.

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Ciamillo Heating & Cooling a Living Nightmare.

The only reason I used the place is because of being a fellow Italian thinking I wouldn’t get screwed, what a gigantic delusion on my part.

What took place in my home was a crime but a stopped check also halted the robbery that took place until a Warren, Mi. Judge 5 months later handed the crooks right back the money without knowing and the sad part not wanting to know the actual facts that had occurred. Our wonderful juridical system.

Well the facts are going to be told detail by detail and an honest review of this company and the horrid experience they put not only me but an 85-year-old woman through.

Sorry Michael Chupa you don’t get to have the last say. You are a coward.

All calls placed concerning Camillo Heating & Cooling were documented incoming and outgoing, and the duration of calls. They were printed from Vonage Account.

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Detroit’s Journalism King Bill Bonds Dies.

Bill Bonds_Detroit

He was more than a TV news anchor although that’s one of the reasons he reigned number one and regarded as the King of the news here. No he was much more, Bill Bonds was hard-core journalist at its finest. Old school reporting, he wanted the what were and always should be the basic rules of the profession.

The Who, What, When, Where and Why.

He demanded the answers, from those he interviewed and from the reporters on the street working at the station. We all grew up in Detroit watching all three channels 2,4 & 7 and in the end it would always lead back to WXYZ for only one reason, Bill Bonds.

A powerhouse reporter who got down to the grit of a story and there was none better for not letting anyone off the hook until he gained the answers and what was the truth.

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Michigan Mourns The Loss Of Beloved Thoroughbred Horsemen, Larry Uelmen.

A lot of stunned friends right now at racetracks from Michigan and beyond who knew Larry.

A genuine good natured personality with a smile that will be missed forever.

A man so knowledgeable he helped create the Michigan Racing Law of 1995, which legalized full-card simulcasting for the states tracks. Elected President of the MIHBPA in the late 90s he would hold that position through the early 2000’s.

I will never forget watching Pongo Boy’s races at the Detroit Race Course in the mid 90’s. He would bring trainer Larry Uelmen 12 stake wins.

On Hazel Park’s opening night he would be one of the first faces I’d see, great big smile and welcoming handshake and hug. In 1996 the trainer I worked for was across from his barn. In all the years I worked on the backside I never ever heard one unkind word said about this man because it was never warranted.

Larry had a great sense of humor and always offered a helping hand to anybody who needed it. You never had to ask, he’d just was there for people. When Pinnacle Race Course opened, for me it had been ten long years since I had seen anybody since I didn’t travel to GLD. So many us shared a story or two from DRC that brought laughter.

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Right Face! – Taking Back America THE RIGHT WING CENSORSHIP BLOG SITE!


Labor Union Leader Calls for War On GOP/Tea Party at Obama Rally

Then BANNED ME FROM WEBSITE: What are they scared of? TRUTH

I answered the first two replies here who commented within my comment that was deleted.

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James Hoffa Speech Was Damn Right! And now The Tea Party & their GOP networks are crying.

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James Hoffa Spoke and Right Wing Website RIGHT FACE! is spinning.


My God all the GOP, Conservative, Right Wing, Fox News, Tea Party babies are wailing. FOUL, FOUL, FOUL.

And the Web Site that posted this Video on You Tube used a shortened ( ABC News ) version on their own site.

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Is Detroit Waiving Parking Tickets For The 2011 Detroit Jazz Festival?

I certainly hope so.

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A Befitting Farewell to “Motown’s Matriarch” Esther Gordy Edwards.

On Wednesday August 24, 2011 91-year-old Esther Gordy Edwards may have been surrounded by family and some friends when she died but certainly not all the friends this lady of Motown had. For they would have had to have a museum a thousand times bigger then the one she created for the Detroit’s recording studio she founded.

When you hear our city’s legacy it makes you wonder how all that music, all those artists, all those musicians and all those hits got cranked out of a garage ( Studio A ) of a house that has sat at 2648 West Grand Boulevard from the start, but they did. And that house would be transformed into “Hitsville USA”.

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A Solemn Motown Monday ~ ” What’s Going On” ~ Marvin Gaye

” I have never heard any song in my life that the words ring out so prevalent today in 2011 as the year they were written in 1971, 40 years ago “.

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Wild Wednesday ~ An East Coast Earthquake… Well Why Not?

We’ve had everything else this year.

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KY & Ohio Horse Racing News.. It’s Called Progress Michigan.

KY Downs to Launch Instant Racing Sept. 1

Instant Racing, known as “historical racing” is a pari-mutuel system that allows players to wager on previously run horse races in a video lottery terminal-like format.

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15 Shot, 6 Dead Within 24 Hours in Detroit. Journalism at its Finest!

The GREAT reporting by Detroit News sources on both the newspaper and flip side TV.

5W’s and 1H is the Basis of any journalism. At least it used to be. Otherwise the REPORT you are given leaves giant holes to the story your attempting to report on. And if you’re not going to give ALL the details then don’t give us any. Because it is very irritating.

It’s very simple: Who, What, Why, When, Where & How.

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Mount Pleasant Meadows survives because of the Michigan Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association

Friday Aug.5, 2011 a blogger named Hugh Bernreuter posted a blog on Mount Pleasant Meadows in The Saginaw News with this Headline:

Mount Pleasant Meadows survives in tough horse racing environment

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Monday Madness Stock Market Crash ~ Are You Happy Tea Party?

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MTOBA sends out Memo To Mi. Horsemen: Canceling 2011 Mi. Futurity & Mi. Juvenile Filly Races

MTOBA Michigan Thoroughbred Owner’s and Breeder’s Association

Dated: August 2, 2011

The Board of Directors has decided to cancel the running of the 2011 Michigan Futurity and Michigan Juvenile Filly races. The reason for this decision were two-fold:

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WXYZ Detroit Full Of Holes Reporting Concerning Pinnacle Race Course.


This station has been on some rampage concerning executive director Robert Ficano for months now. Last week on July 27th Mary Conway’s entire story was how Bob Ficano threw away $35 Million on Pinnacle Race Course.

I addressed that unfair attack in a blog.

And all I’m addressing is stories they are doing on Pinnacle and nothing else. But again on Wednesday’s 6:00PM news cast they managed to again drag Pinnacle into another one of their stories over the hiring of another Wayne County official for the airport. Video in the backdrop of Pinnacle with our horsemen and horses.

Heather Catallo did this story.

How in the hell do you take a story about an individual you don’t feel has the experience for the position they’ve been hired to do at the airport and somehow within that story bring up the race track again.

Same rant on both of these stories within 10 days of each other. Pinnacle failed to produce the number of jobs expected.

Look WXYZ if you want the heads of Ficano and any other appointee for a position within Wayne County that’s one thing, but if you want to start talking a bunch of untrue bunk about Pinnacle’s failure to do this or that. Then damn it let’s talk about why Pinnacle was unable to fulfill these job expectations fairly and with truth.

You want to talk Horse Racing Industry let’s get down to it.

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Mount Pleasant Meadows Disaster Has Been Approved By The MGCB.

MIHBPA Website.

A victory for what would seem to be a certain few especially one in particular that is not only a HBPA board member but also a MQHA member as well. The biggest cheer leader for trying to acquire hero status among the Quarter Horsemen. But will this meet be beneficial for the rest of the Thoroughbred Horsemen?

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Michigan Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association Have Lost Their Minds.

In 2010 the HBPA voted to give all their money to Pinnacle Race Course. Almost a Million dollars to fund their own meet. I know Jerry and Lisa Campbell were happy about that vote.

To finish their extremely long meet of 41 ( they had to buy back 39 days after the MGCB knocked the Thoroughbreds to just 3 ) days the money literally came from their purses. Hell they even forked out $33,000 to pay Pinnacle’s water bill to Huron Township.

Then they questioned the legalities of it all.

Well now in 2011 after Jerry Campbell not willing to tell anybody of his intentions for 2011 when it was already May. One of the MIHBPA board members had a brilliant idea!!!

Lets send off a letter to the MGCB withdrawing our support of PRC. They never ever had to give one of support so why they decided to send one withdrawing support is beyond me. Nevertheless it resulted in the MGCB telling Campbell either shit or get off the pot.

He got off the pot alright and after wiping his ass with his conditional license he threw it back into the MGCB’s face and in essence the MIHBPA’s as well.

Enter Brilliant Idea Number 2!!!

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Dennis Finkler/Horse Killer only sentenced to a 60 Day Tether By Judge Jon Hulsing.

See Related Post.

Ottawa County Circuit Court Judge Jon Hulsing in Grand Haven, MI Should Be Thrown From The Bench. Dennis Finkler who murdered two Horses by Slashing their Throats Is Sentenced to only a 60 Day Tether.

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Ottawa County Circuit Court Judge Jon Hulsing in Grand Haven, MI Should Be Thrown From The Bench. Dennis Finkler who murdered two Horses by Slashing their Throats Is Sentenced to only a 60 Day Tether.

Sentencing Today for Conklin Man Accused in Horse Slayings

GRAND HAVEN, MI (WHTC News) – Sentencing was this morning for Dennis Finkler, a 47-year-old Conklin man who pleaded no contest to animal torture and killing charges, along with a count of malicious destruction of property. He will be electronically tethered for 60 days; was placed on 24 months of probational, ordered to pay nearly 21 thousand dollars in restitution and fines, and instructed to serve 200 hours of community service. Finkler could have received up to five years in prison from Ottawa County Circuit Court Judge Jon Hulsing for his alleged February attack of horses owned by his wife and a Jamestown Township stable owner in an apparently jealous rage over a perceived romantic affair.

Judge Jon Hulsing



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Sunday Sadness ~ Clarence Clemons of the E-Street Band Dies

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Pinnacle Race Course does not owe Huron Twp. as much as previously thought.

HURON TWP.: Township Treasurer says Pinnacle owes less than what was originally thought

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Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s Compassion

I will never forget Terry Schiavo nut case parents and these Right To Lifers fighting to the death of them to preserve and prolong her inhumane suffering an extra 7 years, which included President George W. Bush returning to Washington D.C. to sign legislation designed to keep her alive and suffering.

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Thankless Thursday ~ Lookin’ For A Home ~ Al Kooper

Written by Edward “Little Buster” Forehand
Released in 1969

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Dennis Finkler of Jamestown Mi. Pleads Guilty of slashing two horses throats killing them.

This is an Update of this story that took place in February. Details on above link.

Today in court Finkler pleaded no contest which as far as I’m concerned is a legal way of not admitting guilt nevertheless the plead is exactly that.

Finkler slashed the throats of a Quarter Horse and a 6-year-old Palomino named “Gambler,” police said.

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One Good Thing About Revenge… It Never Has An Expiration Date.

The reasons why some people on this earth do things to hurt others do so because it is in their totally demented minds that somehow they will get away with it.  They never see the ramifications of their actions. When they realize it, they flee and hide like the cowards they are.

Hide like children while some get support in doing so for even their exile also knows their failures.

Until the day comes………….

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