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Michigan And Jerry Campbell Letting Bob Ficano Take The Heat For Pinnacle Race Course

And it is all BULLSHIT.

WXYZ VIDEO: Wayne County Exec. Ficano responds to audit critical of Pinnacle deal

Detroit Free Press

Audit says Wayne County blew $35.2 million on investment plan

Both the Newspaper and flip side on WXYZ are making Bob Ficano out some devious schemer when he’s anything but. Let’s get something straight here on both of these news media outlets including the Free Press quoting some off the wall right-wing source ( Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Michigan Capitol Confidential ) that Michael LaFaive of the Mackinac Center is apart of. I addressed these group long ago when nothing but bashings of this Race Track were constantly being bombarded on.

Yet The Michigan Capitol Confidential eventually came out with was a very accurate article WHY Pinnacle never had a chance from the beginning.

‘Schizophrenic’ State Planning.


The state of Michigan and Wayne County showered millions upon millions of tax dollars on the Pinnacle Race Course in Huron Township in 2008. The track was seen as the start of a tourist attraction that would draw fans from surrounding states and Canada, create thousands of jobs and generate millions in state revenue.

Yet state legislators and state government roadblocks were damaging the very project they were pumping millions of dollars of incentives into, leading to what one expert called a “schizophrenic behavior.”

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