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Sunday’s Sermon ~ God Bless The Child ~ Blood, Sweat & Tears

Written by Billie Holiday and Arthur Hertzog Jr.

BS&T’s version was released off there second album in Dec. 1968.

In 1970 it won a Grammy Award for Album of the year.

David Clayton-Thomas – lead vocals Lew Soloff – trumpet, flugelhorn
Bobby Colomby – drums, percussion, vocals
Jim Fielder – bass
Dick Halligan – organ, piano, flute, trombone, vocals
Steve Katz – guitar, harmonica, Fred Lipsius – alto saxophone, piano
Chuck Winfield – trumpet, flugelhorn
Jerry Hyman – trombone, recorder


All I can say is ” Lady Day ” certainly knew what she was talking about when she wrote this song. Every single word contained in it rings the absolute truth.

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Memorial Day is not for Celebration….. It is a time for Remembrance

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The Epitome of Class Presenting To The Epitome of Classless ~ The Academy Awards

At 94 years old Kirk Douglas could teach this day and very sad age of Hollywood a few lessons.

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