Sunday Sleep In ~ “Lazy Afternoon” ~ Pete La Roca.

Pete La Roca


Pete La Roca took this Jerome Moross composition and infused his musical soul and in my opinion put out the best rendition of this song that was ever done. With the help of Joe Henderson’s atmospheric sax playing, Steve Swallow’s guiding rhythm on the bass, Steve Kuhn’s climatic piano and finally Pete’s brushes softly guiding the piece… you go on a journey.

One of those songs you never want to end. So into it…. that my friends is the truest essence and form of Jazz.


Pete La Roca 2



Lazy Afternoon

Composed by Jerome Moross.
Released off the 1965 album “Basra”.

Pete La Roca – drums
Joe Henderson – tenor sax
Steve Kuhn – piano
Steve Swallow – bass


Pete La Roca, Joe Henderson, Steve Kuhn, Steve Swallow




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