Sunday Sleep In ~ “Where Breathing Starts” ~ Tord Gustavsen Trio.

Tord Gustavsen Trio

Gorgeous composition from Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen from his debut album Changing Places in 2003. He has produced 5 more since, his last being in 2014.

Sadly this artist from the beginning has pretty much stayed touring all of Europe with very sporadic visits to the USA and Canada. In 2013 he did play the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

From trio’s to quartets and entire ensembles all of his albums have only charted basically in Norway and France with a 100 in Germany in 2012. Sort of sad the U.S. in 12 years hasn’t caught on to him. I encourage all to dive in to all of his works, I guarantee there will be no disappointments.


Tord Gustavsen Trio 2003


Where Breathing Starts

Composed by Tord Gustavsen.
Released in 2003 off the album Changing Places.


Tord Gustavsen – piano
Harald Johnsen – bass
Jarle Vespestad – drums


Tord Gustavsen



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3 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Where Breathing Starts” ~ Tord Gustavsen Trio.

  1. What a nice coincidence, I’ve just written about Tord Gustavsen yesterday: Agree he deserves to be better known.

    • I like the fact that from the get go he recorded all his own compositions, not that doing covers in ones own style is an insult. On the contrary but it’s a stand out that starts with their own.

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