Sunday Sleep In ~ “Multicolored Blue” ~ Terell Stafford Quintet.

Terell Stafford _This side of strayhorn


What an exceptional rendition of a Billy Stayhorn classic.

Not only did Terell Stafford and Tim Warfield capture the era of jazz that this song was created in but they absolutely nailed and made it their own. With a more than sassy trumpet surge then a tenor drawing you into a sexy wail this entire quintet brings back that smoky age of a 40’s and 50’s holy grail sound that makes you feel like you are sitting in The Royal Roost on Broadway, one of NY’s finest of that day.

The sound is explosive and the entire album ignited, the Duke would be proud.

This Side Of Strayhorn released in 2011, jazz never sounded so alive.


Terrel Stafford and Tm Warfield


Terell Stafford Quintet



Terell Stafford – trumpet
Tim Warfield – soprano and tenor sax
Bruce Barth – piano
Peter Washington – bass
Dana Hall – drums


terell stafford in new york


Hot Jazz



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2 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Multicolored Blue” ~ Terell Stafford Quintet.

  1. Love Love Love this!! – Also so glad I found you and to see that you have your YouTube vids autoplaying! How did you do that?


  2. Welcome Miss Lou.

    Glad you enjoyed it. I use the Gigya Method. Going to be tricky answering it because instead of the YT URL address coming up a video gets seen instead.

    Take the URL delete watch? completely.

    add a / after v and also delete the =

    This is how the example url looks after these modifications:

    [gigya src= "PASTE-MODIFIED-URL" flashvars="autoplay=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"]

    See the part that says PASTE-MODIFIED-URL in the above code?
    Delete it completely. Copy the modified url and paste it in its place.


    If I literally show it as a finished product a video will play! LOL…so I can’t do that. In reality once you’ve got the down, I only grab what comes after the v and paste that into the code.

    I still have A LOT of updating to do. When YT changed from http to https, I had to go to every single music blog and manually change it so it will continue to auto-play. Very time consuming. So if you click onto an older one in 2012 and earlier chances are I haven’t updated those yet. Also haven’t updated the categories since 2012. So enjoy what you find.

    Glad to have you!

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