Hazel Park Raceway Co-Owner Herbert Tyner Dies.


With the death of Tyner what does the future hold for this race track. Hartman & Tyner not only own countless real estate holdings in apartments etc.. along with two Dog/Racino tracks in W.V. & Fl. the only venue losing money is Hazel Park.

Will the family of Tyner hang onto all of dealings as a package or eliminate any not making a profit?

I wrote on all the dirty dealings of Hartmen and Tyner in this BLOG in the W.V & Fl. Racino’s detailing it down to the bone.


This article in April 2015 only confirms even more of what their agenda has always been.


That’s why when Dan Adkins tried to submit a piece of legislation here in Mi. in 2010 there wasn’t a provision for anything “LIVE”.

With what happened at the track this year ending racing a month short with the designed strategy of Adkins with a still green HBPA president but a more experienced board following suit to spend their money early and fast, let’s face it Hazel Park doesn’t really want the expense of operational costs to run a live meet.

The idiocy to spend to attract horsemen/women from neighboring States that have Racino’s who are racing 4-5 days a week that run for bigger purses then Hazel Park could have ever offered? My God who is fooling who here? Why the whole HBPA did not see the writing on the wall knowing all the games Adkins has played with them from 2009 on, simple plain common sense should have lit Adkins plan up in bright neon lights.

They didn’t even save enough money to Black Type the Mi. Sire Stakes, talk about cutting their own horsemen/women’s throats?

Even though it was not Hazel Park that even paid for the resurfacing the track last year to convert it back to thoroughbreds since 1984, but instead others tied to the TB horsemen/women they still wanted some way out of the horses running live. Signing a contract with the MIHBPA basically allows them to continue leaving the track doors open to simulcast and let’s face it…it is the thoroughbred signal that keeps the two remaining tracks open to operate.

Only now with the live meet done they don’t have to pay employees no longer needed, or pay more expensive water bills with the horses gone, etc…etc…etc…

The plan was hurry up and race and then go broke and get out and guess what it worked. The harness horsemen MHHA thought the HBPA should pay them to run their meet at Sports Creek and when they wouldn’t no meet ran there. The million dollars up for grabs couldn’t be used for anything other than harness racing. The HBPA didn’t do their homework and MGCB director Richard Kalm was all too happy explaining that.

I’ll give Brett Boyd credit after his own MHHA group burnt him, he forged ahead gaining a license for Jackson Raceway for the future. Still has some hurdles but it’s that kind of determination that makes or breaks whether racing continues.

But make no mistake it is still the HBPA that has all the control. If they end up with nowhere to race, the racing act law of 1995 and an ace in the hole meant to protect a breed interests. Stating “A Live Meet Of A Breed Must Race In Order For The Simulcasting Signal Can Be Continued To Be Used”.

Yet they want the HBPA to give them what?

We allow harness to exist because without the TB signals the race track doors would have closed long ago and the harness would have nowhere to race. Period, Done, Finished.

In reality the MHHA should have given the HBPA a Million dollars with ever-loving gratitude because if it was up to me I would have never signed a contract with Mount Pleasant in 2011, run nowhere and withdrew consent for use of that TB signal then.

As far as Northville Downs they will never fit into the TB equation, they just don’t have the grounds. Not even if they bought out the neighborhood next to the track that sits between two city streets. To have even a bullring like Hazel Park they’d have to buy all them houses, bulldoze the grandstand, clubhouse and rebuild the whole place. Thoroughbreds need a barn area and more than 400 stalls, gee did you notice the small fields at H.P. If they would have had a barn area like they did when it was first built, our Mi. people would have had them filled never mind spending all the purse $$$ attempting to attract States that have it made with the legislation they have. Yeah like the Carlo’s are going to spend that kind of $$$ or the city of Northville would allow all that.

The Detroit Race Course had how many acres? And NVD’s has what? Be glad the MHHA dummy’s came crawling back to you after NVD was going to ditch you for us. Bret Boyd had a vision, his people ran scared like mice but then so has the HBPA. Mice in a cage running that wheel never getting anywhere. All the horsemen/women are their own worst enemies.

Well 2015 was in essence messed up big time by no leadership within the HBPA, I said he’d walk everybody off a cliff and all would follow willingly. Sad because they should still be running, you are going to trust Dan Adkins and Richard Kalm? After the MGCB allotted Pinnacle Race Course 84 racing days only to take them all back but 3?

Blame yourselves. The Detroit Media still will never do a truthful report on why Mi. failed and help sabotage that track. You let Adkins talked you into a doomed meet this year. Repeated Mistakes over and over and over again.

Ladd Biro proclaimed he didn’t know what happened at Hazel Park. Really? But in the Det. News article I read it really didn’t sound like H.P. was even going to request dates in 2016 anyway even though they kept saying they were. I know how to read in-between the lines.

But with the death of Herb Tyner now it will really get interesting.

Gov. Snyder could have had Billions by now over the years getting revenue raked in with the States all around us having Racino’s. How many blogs can one write pounding that factual point. This man didn’t run for President because he wasn’t through re-inventing Michigan, he didn’t run because us as a State voted Hell No on his Tax Hikes to fix roads. Win the presidency? Yeah right. So he’ll continue on here until he destroys Michigan.

Or hasn’t the Detroit Casino’s told him no more buses are coming in from Ohio. They can go to the Racetracks and bet on both horses and slots there. He could have saved an Industry and had more than enough to fix the roads and more left over for anything else. He is an Idiot.

I personally hope I’m wrong on Hazel Park for my tribe’s sake (The TB tribe) but with the current event with an already uncertain future before hand, I don’t hold much hope.

Stay Tuned…..

BTW: This Blog I wrote in Jan. 2011 was used as a resource by the Florida Senate in Sept. 2011 Issue Brief on Gaming – Pg. 8.

If your going to write, write facts.

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