Sunday Sleep In ~ “Violet for Your Furs” ~ Marcus Belgrave.


Photo by Barbara Barefield.


We have lost so many legendary musicians recently it is completely disheartening. So this is in homage of this Detroit jazz trumpet great who just left us on May 24th and his homecoming service took place yesterday May 30th. BB King who passed on May 14th funeral also took place yesterday. Marcus had played on BB’s 1999 album, “Let The Good Times Roll”.

Marcus Belgrave was known throughout the world, he was and played among the elite of jazz and of all entertainment.

Ray Charles touring band in late 50’s, Max Roach, Eric Dolphy, Ella Fitzgerald, Charles Mingus, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr., Dizzy Gillespie and this is only a mere few.

As Clifford Brown was his mentor, he became one himself to so many more for a future generation of players. Regina Carter, Robert Hurst, Kenny Garrett, Geri Allen, James Carter, Ray Parker Jr. along with the two women you see here playing with him. Again the list goes on.

This man and his talent will be very missed and forever remembered as his music will always play on.


Marcus Belgrave 2007 Detroit Jazz Festival


This particular venue on the video was at Bert’s Place in 2009 in the old Italian neighborhood of the Eastern Market area of Detroit.



Violet for Your Furs.

Written by by Matt Dennis.

Marcus Belgrave – fluglehorn
Charlie Gabriel – tenor sax
Bill Meyer – piano
Marion Hayden – bass
Gayelynn McKinney – drums


Marcus Belgrave _ Jazz



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3 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Violet for Your Furs” ~ Marcus Belgrave.

  1. cooper

    Another excellent choice. Also need to thank you – all the cold winter mornings we had to travel north before sunrise to be at the hospital before 8AM – we always played the Dusko Goykovich CD – never would have found that if you hadn’t posted it a while back.

  2. You are more than welcome my friend. I went to internist Dr. today got to go through some tests. Orthopedic doctor won’t even take the crap ins. I ended up with to shoot my knees up again, so I’m limping in excruciating pain. Music eases all the insanity and stress of life and makes it bearable. Glad Dusko helped ease yours and the Mrs.

  3. Barbara Barefield

    Hi Longshot. Thank you for the great blogging. The first photo on this page page of Marcus Belgrave was shot by me. my website

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