The Greatest Blues Man That Ever Graced The Earth Has Now Left It. ~ Mr. BB King.

Your Soul will live on in Heaven forever, your music with us.


Mr. BB King


I am literally broken-hearted right now, my blues hero has passed.

Where do you even start, the words, expression, gratitude, song, the life long joy this man brought to the world of music and the genre of the Blues. All I know is this is going to be one long blog.

He played it straight out of his soul, his heart guiding his hands and he made that guitar absolutely bleed. There will never ever be another like him.

My God this hurts.

Blues Boy Tune

(title on video is wrong)


There is news agency’s that pre-prepare entertainers Obits so when the time comes bam it’s immediately in print and on TV. I knew BB had been placed in hospice care but then I’m not a what anybody could consider a legitimate journalistic news outlet, I refused to start writing BB’s passing until it came for I am and forever will be just one of a billion fans.

This man was truly my hero. He played Blues the way it was meant. From a feeling deep-rooted within ones heart and soul and nobody on this earth ever did it better than Riley B. King.

I’ll leave you to the endless news stories that will tell you the artists and guitar players he inspired, because they could never really tell you the exact amount, I can tell you it exceeded any accurate count. Names you know and thousands you never even heard of.

When Bill Graham of the Fillmore West invited BB to play in 1968 and took the stage having already overlooked the audience he made a statement: I thought I was at the wrong place. But he wasn’t, that sea of white kids who knew his music couldn’t wait to hear him play. For so many blacks artists and fans already haven gotten the pleasure BB didn’t realize also how much he was loved by all the rest.

The man was already a legend but he was about to take off in another realm he couldn’t have imagined. Thank God for the hippie generation that had dreams and open minds and was totally color blind. They had the sense to know if not for the likes of BB’s generation and all of the black artists there wouldn’t have been a genre of Rock-n-Roll even evolved.

It sure as hell didn’t come from the likes of Elvis since he also worshiped Big Momma Thorton and all that came along prior to him. There was only one King and make no mistake that was BB.

I might have got turned onto the blues by Jimi, Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis, The Allman Brothers Band, Johnny Winters, Paul Butterfield, Mike Bloomfield, the original Peter Green Fleetwood Mack, Taste with Rory Gallagher, etc..etc..etc.. it didn’t take me long to discover BB King was all of their inspirations. Then I dove into the depths to find the real gems and from Detroit’s WABX turned on WDET and other college stations that played blues by the droves.

It was like an awakening. From a very young age I also realized I always loved songs that had that blues vibe and like BB saying from his start blues would come from not only sadness but also some good times.

Blues is phenomenal in expressing both to the max. It’s roots out of the guts of what is being felt at that moment. I’ve said it a million times, you don’t hear blues with your ears you hear them through your heart.

The way BB King played them, that was the only way. His signature sound and intro made you run to the stereo to turn up the volume to full blast. So when the news broke in the middle of the night that he in-fact had died I felt empty and thought how can there be a world without BB in it. It was like a family member had died.

Yes I knew he was in hospice but I wasn’t writing any obituary’s because in my mind BB King will always be here among us, I can’t think of it any other way.

Now he will forever reign in Heaven and my God how it must be rockin’ right now, but his legacy and music will remain alive will us until it’s our time.

Jesus will watch over you my hero and you still will watch over, teach and define to many generations to come what the Blues is, was and will always be.

We loved you BB and you’ll never leave our minds, hearts, ears and most importantly our souls as you poured out yours all the time you were here for us to enjoy…and that will never ever change.

Legend, Icon, Master is an understatement in describing you.

You were our Blues Boy for a career spanning 70 years, though the sadness that you have left us is beyond words. Hearing what you have left us with will bring smiles and pleasure and deep down we will say BB hasn’t gone anywhere.

Enjoy Heaven because in my life that is what you brought me, one big gigantic taste of it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


BB King


BB King and Lucille











Johnny Carson – Tonight Show.


BB’s Legacy and then some.

Over 50 albums

Honors and Awards.

In 1980, he was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.
In 1987, he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
In 1990, he was awarded the National Medal of Arts.
In 1991, he was awarded the National Heritage Fellowship from the NEA.

King was awarded the Kennedy Center Honors in 1995. This is given to recognize “the lifelong accomplishments and extraordinary talents of our nation’s most prestigious artists.”

In 2004, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music awarded him the Polar Music Prize for his “significant contributions to the blues”.

On December 15, 2006, President George W. Bush awarded King the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

On May 27, 2007, King was awarded an honorary doctorate in music by Brown University.

On May 14, 2008, King was presented with the keys to the city of Utica, New York; and on May 18, 2008, the mayor of Portland, Maine, Edward Suslovic, declared the day “B.B. King Day” in the city. Prior to King’s performance at the Merrill Auditorium, Suslovic presented King with the keys to the city.

In 2009, TIME named B.B. King No.3 on its list of the 10 best electric guitarists of all time.

Each year during the first week in June, a B.B. King Homecoming Festival is held in Indianola, Mississippi.

A Mississippi Blues Trail marker was added for B.B. King, commemorating his birthplace.

On May 29, 2010, Sabrosa Park (at the small town of Sabrosa, north of Portugal) was renamed B.B. King Park in honor of King and the free concert he played before 20,000 people.

In 2012 inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.

Grammy Awards

Years reflect the year in which the Grammy was awarded, for music released in the previous year.

1971: Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for “The Thrill Is Gone”.
1982: Best Ethnic or Traditional Recording for “There Must Be a Better World Somewhere”.
1984: Best Traditional Blues Recording for “Blues ‘n Jazz”.
1986: Best Traditional Blues Recording for “My Guitar Sings the Blues”.
1991: Best Traditional Blues Recording for “Live at San Quentin”.
1992: Best Traditional Blues Album for “Live at the Apollo”.
1994: Best Traditional Blues Album for “Blues Summit”.
1997: Best Rock Instrumental Performance for “SRV Shuffle”.
2000: Best Traditional Blues Album for “Blues on the Bayou”.
2001: Best Traditional Blues Album for “Riding with the King”.
2001: Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for “Is You or Is You Ain’t (Baby)”.
2003: Best Traditional Blues Album for “A Christmas Celebration of Hope”.
2003: Best Pop Instrumental Performance for “Auld Lang Syne”.
2006: Best Traditional Blues Album for “80”.
2009: Best Traditional Blues Album for “One Kind Favor”.

King was given a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1987.

A Grammy Hall of Fame Award was given to “The Thrill is Gone” in 1998, an award given to recordings that are at least 25 years old and that have “qualitative or historical significance.”

“This man was, is and always will be the King of the Blues






BB King Legacy






No BB this is how much we really loved you.


Let it Roll..Let it Roll………All Night Long.


BB King_Gibson Guitar


Blues Boy King 1949


bb king 1993


BB King Kennedy Honors






bb king walk of fame in memory


In Memory of BB King


BB King with Grammy's


bb king grammy


With Love BB, you will be missed forever.

B.B. King at the Boston Arena, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 1970

B.B. King at the Boston Arena, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 1970


BB King Monterey Jazz Fest 67'


BB King, legendery blues guitarist, performing at the Rainbow Theater in London England, 1972

BB King, legendery blues guitarist, performing at the Rainbow Theater in London England, 1972


Mr. BB King


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  1. The King is dead… long may his legacy live on. There was nobody like him.

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