Sunday Sleep In ~ “Across The Crystal Sea” ~ Danilo Pérez.

Danilo Pérez_


This Panamanian born pianist has to be one of the finest composers of contemporary modern jazz. Prior to joining Wayne Shorter in 2000 for four albums his repertoire has been one of excellence to whom he has played among.

Starting with getting to join and play with his Idol, Dizzy Gillespie. So to go on with already one Grammy under his belt along with numerous other awards only befitting to get to work with another stellar composer like Claus Ogerman (also a Grammy award winner).

This man orchestrated music for the likes of Frank Sinatra, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Bill Evans from the 60’s and an even longer list of artists, God can it get any better.

This whole album (entitled with the song’s name) released in 2008 is pure bliss as you can hear from this one particular piece. Ogerman tapped into some classical composers to write his compositions and charts based on some of their melodies.

Across The Crystal Sea does exactly that, takes you on a wondrous journey that is exciting because you go places you’ve never been to or have experienced before.

The music just guides you as the trip gets better and better the farther it goes on, you never want it to end.



Claus Ogerman



Across The Crystal Sea

Written by Claus Ogerman.

Danilo Pérez – piano
Christian McBride – bass
Luis Quintero – percussion
Lewis Nash – drums
Claus Ogerman – conductor, orchestra arranger


Danilo Pérez


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