Sunday Sleep In ~ “A World of Blue” ~ Matthew Pablo.

Film Noir Jazz

Beautiful composition written by Matthew Pablo in 2013 for a short film score. There is also a rendition with lyrics written by Ryan Stunkel and sung by Laila Smith whose on her way but still needs a little work. I really just got into the instrumental. It was recorded live at Perfection Studio in Charleston, MA.

Pablo has also created music for a film trailer, animations and video games, personally I think he found his forte with Jazz. Specifically Noir.

All the musicians on this track are from the Berklee College of Music and just starting out with the exception of bassist Nate Jakes who has been playing since 1998, although outside of a small realm not seeming to venture out much. Judging by this piece I hope to hear more from all in the future.

Matthew Pablo’s talent is already making a name with works as this.



Felix Rheault – trumpet
Alex Olson – piano
Daniel Ko – alto sax
Shoko Igarashi – tenor sax
Nate Jakes – bass
Hannah Sinn – drums

I hear vibes? but no credit for.


Jazz Film Noir



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7 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “A World of Blue” ~ Matthew Pablo.

  1. This is lovely. I’ve just started my own Blog
    It is going to be diverse and I’m sure that some Jazz will feature some time soon.

  2. Think we’re going to be hearing much more from Matthew Pablo in the future Diane at least I hope so.

    And welcome to my musical ride Stu. You’ll find everything from my parents era here from 40s to my boomer explosion of 50s doo wop, 60s to ealry 70s rock my fav. genre of blues and a lot of jazz. Will check out your blog.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Matthew Pablo here;

    Hey LongShotsBlues, thanks for sharing my music! I’m glad you liked my jazz piece. It was originally for a school project but I went above and beyond to really make this thing sound nice. The musicians involved are very talented, and I wish we could’ve produced more tracks together, but it was a small one-time thing. I do have more jazz on my website if you’d like to check that out. Honestly, jazz really isn’t my biggest forte when it comes to writing music, but I grew up around it, not really playing it, but I guess listening to a lot of it growing up gave me the ear for it…

    Also, I saw you noticed there were no credits on vibes. I actually played them myself in the recording using a virtual vibe instrument on the computer via MIDI controller. It wasn’t a part I considered to be as important to have a live player.

    Did you know there’s a vocal version of this song as well? The instrumental is great for background listening, but the vocal performance by Laila Smith is one not to be missed on this track!

    Again, thanks for posting some of my noir jazz! Great blog, I enjoy the music and other snippets you’ve posted on here. I look forward to more!


  4. Oops! Here are some links:

    Vocal version of “World of Blue”

    My other Noir Jazz track: “A Conversation with Saul”

  5. More than happy to share your music Matthew but strongly disagree with you that you don’t feel the vibes so important to use a real player. The likes of Lionel Hampton, Walt Dickerson, Milt Jackson, Mike Mainieri and other notable vibe players and their fans would beg to differ.

    The vibes on this piece was a vital part of the songs sound. Without them it would have never came out as good, so I believe a real player would have enhanced it and did it even more justice. Nothing like having a authentic player than the artificial means of todays musical technology.

    I heard the vocal rendition as I said I thought Laila Smith needed some work. Also heard A Conversation with Saul, liked it but wanted it to be longer. But A World Of Blue really captured my attention the most. Beautiful song. Jazz may not be the majority of your writings but I would make it a point and encourage even more since you obviously do it more than well.

    Good luck in your future endeavors, I’ll keep an ear open. Nice of you to have acknowledged the blog and commented. Nothing like having the composer of the music to show up. 🙂

    • True about the vibes. I may have just forgot to mention that the situation ended up in us having to go with that instead of using our real vibes player who couldn’t make the session in time. Anyways, I’ll be glad to share more music with you when the time comes!

      Thanks again,

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