Sunday Sleep In ~ “A Voice in the Night” ~ Chico Hamilton Quintet.

Chico Hamilton


Chico Hamilton played among some masterful jazz artists and throughout his career starting in the 50s produced countless albums as leader but he regarded this particular line up of Charles Lloyd, Albert Stinson, Gabor Szabo and George Bohannon to be his greatest band.

Not too hard to hear why.

This Charles Lloyd composition is fabulous and also expresses and displays what a great sax player he was.

Foreststorn “Chico” Hamilton did it all, was featured in several films a very young player in Fred Astaire’s 1941 You’ll Never Get Rich then again in 57′ with his quintet in the Burt Lancaster & Tony Curtis block buster Sweet Smell of Success.

Although other drummers names for what ever reason seem to stand out more in jazz, make no mistake of what an elite player Chico was. His catalog of music speaks for itself.

On Nov. 25th, 2013 at the age of 92 Chico died and the world certainly did not forget him, every newspaper and TV side PBS news especially gave a worthy time reviewing his lengthy and grand career.

Just one of Jazz’s Legends.





A Voice in the Night

Composed by Charles Lloyd.
Released off the album “A Different Journey” in 1961.

Chico Hamilton – drums
Charles Lloyd – tenor sax
Albert Stinson – bass
Gabor Szabo – guitar
George Bohannon – trombone (not on track)


A Different Journey_Chico Hamilton


Drummer Chico Hamilton



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2 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “A Voice in the Night” ~ Chico Hamilton Quintet.

  1. I’m trying to contact you regarding a photo I believe you took. How do I reach you? I want to make sure it’s yours and possibly use it…

  2. There’s a email button right next to the twitter one underneath blog among the share buttons but I did send you an email.

    BTW if in-fact it turns out coincidently that you are Kevin Mahogany the singer. I enjoy your work and have also written and posted on you. 🙂

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