Eat Shit Terrorists, Charlie Hebdo Sold Out by Dawn Wed.!

Charlie Hebdo Cover Jan. 14, 2015


5 Million copies printed, 1 million more in the process of being printed.

Sold Out by dawn Wed. morning in France.

Charlie Hebdo Sold Out


Charlie Hebdo attack: Rush to buy new ‘survivors’ issue’

But what I’d really like to know is where in the Unites States can one buy this issue? No doubt somewhere in New York, but why not across the USA?

After all is not “Freedom of Speech” as prevalent here,


I’m in Detroit and I would have loved the opportunity to buy this copy and future copies right here. I know somewhere in N.Y. will have them I would hope.

About time the USA practices what they preach and stands up for.


Canada is selling it. Somebody here in Metro Detroit please step up to the plate and start selling Charlie Hebdo.



(Click onto pic.’s for full resolution)

Charlie Hebdo news stands


First International Edition Of Charlie Hebdo Published Since Paris Terror Attacks




Je Suis Charlie


Je Suis Charlie_pencil


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