Sunday Sleep In ~ “Pour une Femme” ~ Paolo Fresu Quintet.

Paolo Fresu_young


This beautiful ballad written by Italian native Paolo Fresu appears on two of his albums, “Qvarto” released in 1988 and “Night on the City” in 1995.

He has been playing for 30 years, based in Sardinia where he was born, Bologna & Paris he has over 300 recordings as well having written music for films, documentaries and theater.

This international artist has played throughout the world along with and amongst the biggest names of American music as well. If you didn’t know of him it’s about time you did. I lost count of the albums he has produced as leader and a part of since the early 80’s straight through this last year with many more works in progress.

Like a decade year younger Till Brönner (also sings), I cannot help hearing a Chet Baker all over the place but make no mistake they have their own distinct recognizable sound. Baker is just the base and what a good one to have.

This quintet has managed to stay together a very long time and why not.


Paolo Fresu Quintet



Paolo Fresu – flügelhorn
Roberto Cipelli – piano
Tino Tracanna – saxophone
Attilio Zanchi – double bass
Ettore Fioravanti – drums


Paolo Fresu Quintet_older


Paolo Fresu_Italian Jazz Trumpeter


Paolo Fresu



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2 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Pour une Femme” ~ Paolo Fresu Quintet.

  1. Another great piece…. you’re adding to my collection constantly!

  2. Good! Name it the “Longshot Set” …LOL..Enjoy my friend.

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