Sunday Sleep In ~ “Munastero ‘E Santa Chiara” ~ Danilo Rea Trio.

Danilo Rea- Jazz

This Italian native has been producing music since the early 70s. Started with the Italian rock band “Perigeo” then in 1975 joined “Rome Trio” and never looked back.

Danilo Rea has performed with some of Jazz’s elite, playing piano with the likes of Chet Baker, Art Farmer and many more. In the 80s he recorded more and more of his own works onto a plentiful supply of albums.

This particular trio does a beautiful arrangement & rendition of a Alberto Barberis classic. This entire album had me struggling of which song to highlight but then that saves more for a later time. Both bassist Ares Tavolazzi & drummer Roberto Gatto give the music the right amount of smoke to complete that full flavor.


Danilo Rea_Italian Jazz Pianist



Munastero ‘E Santa Chiara

Composed by Alberto Barberis.
Released off the 2004 album Romantica.

Danilo Rea – piano
Roberto Gatto – drums
Ares Tavolazzi – double bass




Roberto Gatto


B0008P 0197


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