Rock Pillar of Woodstock Joe Cocker dies.

Joe Cocker Career Montage


Another sad day when such an iconic artist that showcased the most historical concert of all time dies. Yes all of us are getting older but it still stings and stuns us when one from our own tribe, the boomer generation leaves us.

Yes some left us way to soon after Woodstock but it was the road they took that would lead them to death. In the last couple of years, losing Richie Havens, Alvin Lee and Johnny Winter it just hurt because now at our own ages that 70 just doesn’t seem that old.

Reality is there is still a lot of hippie left in us, we feel like the 1960s was a minute ago or maybe deep down it just feels farther and farther away and we want that time back again. So when the most powerful artists of our day leave one by one we know there really isn’t any time machine that’s going to take us back.

You feel like once people leave, there’s nothing to go back for or to.

All I know is the first time I ever heard this man sing before I was even a teen I was blown away. The blasting energy of vocals left your mind a big gigantic wow. Our parents then thought none of what we listened to was true talent that is until a ballad came along in-which they could identify more with and that hippie went on to win a Grammy.

We understood that there was always two sides to these artists and they could it all in any style they chose. Joe Cocker displayed it all from his legendary career that never ever faltered in any decade throughout. He just kept picking up new fans and new generations along the way.

From Woodstock to Movie soundtracks. This Brit did it all, a raspy wailer that could belt out the most soulful blues and rock all while telling us, You Are So Beautiful.

On this Dec. 22 the Lord wanted another mighty voice for his birthday celebration choir and he couldn’t have made it a finer choice.

Joe Cocker will be very missed, his legacy and music will live on forever as his voice will reign on as well in Heaven.


Joe Cocker



Joe Cocker ~~~ Vocals of Fire ~~~



Joe Cocker Woodstock 1969


A career that aged like fine wine.

Joe Cocker_Aged Like Fine Wine



Grammy Award 1983


“Long Live The Hippie Generation, Long Live Woodstock”.









Thank You Joe for a lifetime of Musical Ecstasy, you were Beautiful to us.



Joe Cocker_In Memory


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