Bill Bonds Final Commentary Oct. 21, 2008.

Bill Bonds, John Kelly, and Marilyn Turner Reunion Broadcast. After 8 years of Bush before the Nov. 08′ election.


You don’t think this man wasn’t brilliant?


How we needed him back on the air through all the years so damn bad. He was missed then and now will be missed forever. The commentary couldn’t have rung more true in 08′ and more than ever this Dec. 15, 2014 day.

I would have loved to heard the one he would have given on the Republican Tea Party. I don’t know if even he could have contained himself on that one, but by God no doubt it would have been exemplary.

How it saddens me even more that this man and journalist is gone for good. But don’t you ever think for one moment that his spirit will not still stir in the breeze within Detroit forever…because it will.

As I stated on previous blog.

Bill Bonds was Detroit News and no one will ever again fill those shoes.


Words of Wisdom until the end.

Bill Bonds_Detroit Journalist


Remembering Bill Bonds WXYZ


Edit: Fri. Dec.19, 2014.

Goodbye Mr. Bonds, you are now resting in the arms of Jesus.
Enjoy Heaven. We still on the earth will never forget you as you will be missed by all.

With Love,

Irish Rose


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