Horse Adoption, The Moment That Will Change Two Lives.

You Will Never Regret It.




When the races are over and a new life begins.


Picture taken by Michelle Wyatt Winters a Thoroughbred owner & trainer and her words “Things that are so worthless to some can mean the world to someone else”.

This horse missed being sent to Canada for slaughter by just hours and the rescue she was working with wanted to put him down but she managed to find him an great home as you can see from the picture. This little boy expressed with perfection what that love is all about. The family welcoming this new member will get the love 100 fold in return of what they give to it.

Much harder to get a horse adopted for the obvious reasons, cost. But like any animal.. dog, cat, rabbit anything with a heart beating within it. The love they give back is undeniable and makes for a happy ending for both the new owner and the horse.

The joy of life.


A Horse's Heart


The Winter Farm, OTTB Rescue and Retirement


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